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ABGI-UK helps manufacturing companies navigate the complexities of applying for innovation funding, ensuring that businesses already benefitting maximise their entitlement, as well as enabling those encountering the process for the first time to achieve a smooth route through it.

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You could be facing all kinds of challenges at every stage of the manufacturing process, from design through to final prototypes. Maybe you’re having to work with new or updated materials or to adapt existing processes to take account of changes in legislation or health and safety concerns that prevent certain chemicals or techniques from being used. Or your R&D activity could be driven by narrowing tolerances and altering parameters.

Examples of areas where qualifying R&D activities could exist:

  • Printing: You’re creating printing methods that are more resilient, less expensive and with a better resolution in order to meet customer demands in terms of run sizes, functional requirements and printing time. You spend a lot of time trying to print with new inks or onto new substrates in order to keep your unique printing capabilities at the forefront of the industry, and you often have to work within constraints such as European legislation for food packaging.
  • Aerospace and Defence: From an R&D perspective, the aerospace industry is a rich and diverse field, covering research, design, manufacturing, operation and maintenance, with a multitude of commercial, industrial and military application. This includes design and manufacture of civil and military aeroplanes, manned and unmanned, as well as missiles. It also includes space components, such a satellites.
  • R&D projects in aerospace may involve work on aircraft components or subcomponents, or on an entire aircraft.


The ABGI-UK team are true experts in teasing out qualifying projects and as such, we now hold an increased understanding of HMRC’s criteria.

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