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ABGI UK works with a host of biotechnology, life science, scientific services and consultancy companies, recovering substantial sums that can be used to fund future research and development projects.

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You’ve probably been involved in the development of cutting edge biotechnology, such as a vaccine or diagnostic test, with the commercial potential to be used in other research laboratories or practical applications. There’s always room for improvement, so you need to continue this research to keep pushing the boundaries of the life sciences.

Examples of areas where qualifying R&D activities could exist:

  • Scientific services and consultancies: You might be testing and validating other companies’ products and services, carrying out trials such as drug and vaccine efficacy tests or toxicology and safety tests for food and water. To do so reliably and efficiently, you need to invest time and money researching appropriate models and methods.
  • Biotech & Clinical Research Orgs (CROs): Biotechnology companies are no strangers to R&D, they understand the need to take risks, experiment and innovate to avoid stagnation in a competitive and rapidly moving industry. Given this, many biotech companies and clinical research organisations are seeking ways to increase the productivity and capability of their products and services in order to keep up with the latest developments in academic research.


I’m in no doubt that we could not have done what ABGI achieved on our own. ABGI has maximised our claim and that our accountant has been helped to utilize it for our business benefit.

Dr Jo Oliver, Chief Executive Officer

Avanticell Science

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