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Together we achieve great results. Partnering with ABGI gives you the opportunity to offer value-added services to your clients from an international leader in innovation funding and incentives.

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The right partner

Identifying and securing the right innovation funding solution for your clients has never been more challenging.

We have tax incentives, like R&D tax relief, Patent Box and Capital Allowances. The there are all the different sources of funding - grants, loans, equity investment, business angels, venture capital and even crowdfunding.

Each route brings its own challenges, whether they're around eligibility, the application process or the potential impact they might have on other opportunities. Getting it right requires a combination of technical and scientific specialisms, industry experience, tax expertise, funding knowledge and - for those of your clients who have an international presence - local knowledge as well.

Unsurprisingly, very few accountants have all the skills and resources necessary to provide a comprehensive, holistic and global innovation funding service for their clients.

We do. And we'd love to partner with you, for the benefit of both your clients and your own business.

Why partner with ABGI?

A new force in innovation funding, ABGI UK brings together Jumpstart's 11 years of UK experience and expertise and ABGI Group's 32 years of international heritage to provide accountants with a full-service partner, dedicated to delivering unrivalled service and outstanding results for your clients - in the UK and beyond.

We employ the best people
We do most of the work
We take quality very seriously
We go further
We minimise risk to your business
We're a pleasure to work with
We're flexible too

We employ the best people to ensure you and your clients get the best results

Finding and securing the right innovation funding and incentives for companies required a special blend of business, technology, tax and financial expertise. At ABGI we employ a large team of highly qualified and experienced scientists and engineers across all sectors, who undergo comprehensive and ongoing training on relevant legislation, regulation and HMRC guidance through our in-house ABGI Academy.

We do most of the work, so your clients don't have to

We appreciate that your clients have successful businesses to run, so we've perfected a process that keeps their time commitment to an absolute minimum. When preparing R&D tax credit claims, for example, our Innovation Funding Consultants gather all the information they need quickly and efficiently, peer-to-peer. We also write the Technical Report and handle any queries from HMRC. These are specialised, time-consuming activities that many providers leave to your clients.

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We take quality very seriously, so you know your clients are in safe hands

ABGI is one of the very few providers to have ISO9001 accreditation. All our processes are independently audited and verified annually, so you know for a fact they're robust, proven and do everything they're meant to do.

We go further

Making the most of the tax incentive available to businesses is about identifying all their eligible activities and capturing all their relevant expenditure, while complying with HMRC's strict requirements. As technicians who understand the innovation challenges your clients face and the technological advances they're trying to achieve, you can rely on us to find more eligible activity than anyone else.

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We're a pleasure to deal with, which reflects well on you

Everyone at ABGI shares the same core values and these are reflected in everything we do. These include integrity, being supportive, always striving for excellence and challenging ourselves to deliver the best possible outcomes.

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We're flexible too

We'll tailor our approach to your and your clients. ISO9001 provides a useful framework for our internal processes, but our engagement with you will fit in around your priorities and preferred way of working.

The benefits for you

Partnering with ABGI gives you the opportunity to offer value-added services to your clients from an international leader in innovation funding and incentives.

Increased satisfaction
Increased revenue
Lower costs
Increased profit
Enhanced portfolio
New client acquistion
Reduced workload
Client retention

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