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We’re rebranding!

ABGI UK will become VISIATIV this April.

Read on to find out what's changing and what it means for you...

We're changing our name - Here's what you need to know

Ever since 2019 when Jumpstart joined the international Visiativ Group and became ABGI, we've been able to offer clients a broader range of innovation funding, grants and subsidies to further support your innovation strategy.

At the same time, we acquired a sister company, Innova Systems, who help businesses accelerate their innovation in a different way - by providing world class digitalisation solutions for design and manufacturing.

Our teams have been working together to develop our offering and the time has come to bring this to market in the UK under our new name, Visiativ!

Why is ABGI rebranding to Visiativ?

Established in 1987, Visiativ is a French-listed technology and consulting group servicing more than 21,000 client businesses worldwide.

Rebranding to our French parent company brand means not only a different name, but also greater integration with our colleagues in Belgium, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg, Morocco, the Netherlands, USA and Switzerland . This means that we can deploy much more expertise for our clients.

VISIATIV's motto is 'Sharing is Growing'. By sharing our combined knowledge, expertise and experience with you, we can grow together.

What does this mean for you?

You'll continue to work with the same great people and proven processes that have secured clients over £1.6bn in global innovation funding over the last 35 years. Only now, with VISIATIV as your partner, you can tap into an even wider range of products and services designed to boost your performance and improve your competitive position through innovation.

What does the rebranding involve?

With a rebranding, the brand identity of an organisation changes. The ‘look and feel’ evolves, including the logo, website, marketing communications and more. Sometimes the company name changes, too, as is the case with us.

We’re currently updating our offices, which means signage, wall decals and even new paint colours. Office stationery will be changing, too!

You’ll start to see more communication over the coming months via email and social media as we transition to the new brand and we’ll be launching a new website in April.

Watch this space…

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