Video Game Tax Relief

Claim both Video Games Tax Relief (VGTR) and R&D tax credits and maximise your returns within the strict criteria

ABGI will guide you through the complex eligibility criteria
Acquire maximum tax relief by claiming from two tax incentive schemes
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Does your video game qualify for tax relief?

The Video Games Tax Relief (VGTR) scheme is generous, but it comes with strict eligibility criteria, which have left many games developers wondering whether they or their games qualify.

Are they the right kind of games, for example? Are they British enough? Do you spend enough in the EEA? Do you use subcontractors and have you paid for image rights?

The spend can include design, production and testing of a game (including artwork, sound, overheads, sketches etc.), but does not include the initial conception phase or debugging.

As a rule of thumb, clients receive a benefit of 16–25% of qualifying VGTR spend.

Our team of technical analysts will navigate the complex eligibility criteria on your behalf to ensure you maximise returns from tax incentive schemes.

Claim from two schemes

The good news is that companies can now claim both the new VGTR and its older cousin, R&D tax credits.

You just need to be careful about the different eligibility criteria and to make sure that you’re able to maximise both claims.

Our Innovation Funding Consultants will help claim your full eligibility from both tax incentive schemes

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