Risk Assurance

Risk Assurance

Peace of mind for you and your business. Confidence in your processes, clarity on any risks, solutions for the way forward.

Tax incentives for innovation are well established in the UK. Around 40,000 companies are making use of the various schemes, 6000 of whom are large companies, like yours.

The various schemes can be complicated, with rules and guidelines open to interpretation, opinions and educated assumptions.

Your business may well be accessing one or more of these tax incentives, making claims through an in-house team or your accountants. We’re confident in saying that neither of these will have the breadth of expertise and experience, both in the UK and across the globe, that we can offer.

ABGi UK can provide independent audit services on those claims, highlighting any areas of risk and providing solutions to manage them going forward.

We can provide support for your internal team or work with your accountancy partner to ensure that all risks associated wit your innovation incentive claims are managed.


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