Food, Drink & Agriculture

Many in the farming and agriculture industry unknowingly engage in R&D activities on a daily basis that could qualify for a significant tax credit.

beer bottles in brewery

Food and beverage manufacturers conduct research and development activities in a variety of ways.

Food & Drink R&D

You’re always working to improve the health and nutritional profile of food and drink products, often to meet new government legislation. You’re trying to recreate the taste, texture and mouthfeel of established foods without using allergens such as gluten, egg and milk, or to replicate the effects of small-scale, artisan processes on an industrial scale.


As a key developer in agricultural technology, you’re constantly developing new solutions to improve agricultural efficiency and overcome the limitations of existing agricultural equipment. Through the development and rigorous testing of prototype equipment in this harsh operational environment, you facilitate the development of agricultural practices with better productivity and yields and reduced inputs and environmental impact.

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