Electrical & Electronics Industry Tax Relief

Research and development is a key area for electronics companies. However, due to the nature of the sector, finding the eligibility for R&D tax incentives essential for funding future projects can be ambiguous. ABGI UK has helped secure substantial sums of R&D tax credit claims for many electronics clients.

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You’re striving to create new electronic devices that perform better than anything else. You develop hardware, firmware and software for driving, control and processing, pushing component systems to work in sequence, through tackling power, bandwidth, noise or timing problems.

Examples of areas where qualifying R&D activities could exist:

  • Microelectronics: Much of the research in this area will focus on the production of new components and development of technologies that better support production of components. Power efficiency as well as the footprint of a component may be key, particularly for the production of sensors, processors and communications technology. Wider areas may also verge into encryption and data storage solutions ranging from micrometres to single atom scale technologies.
  • Industrial Integrations: Electrical Integrations primarily concern the assembly of large processing plants including incorporating control interfaces and safety (PLC) equipment. Design and documentation of these processing plants will be very extensive and may require considerable redesign as requirements change.


In short, we went the ABGI route because we were claiming for technical projects which required technical experts – the results were extremely rewarding.

Ben Knight, Managing Director

Rig Control Products

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