Apparel & Textiles

The apparel and textile industries are often engaged in qualified research and development activities, which include designing new textiles and fabrics to meet strict product requirements.

textiles spool macro view

Stringent testing of fabrics and textiles involves a number of technical challenges. Companies often run multiple trials and test various materials to ensure product durability, functionality, and performance.


You’re focused on advancing textiles technology, developing high performance technical fabrics, improved formulations for finishing processes including laminating, coating and dyeing, and investigating the variable physical and chemical behaviours of each fibre. Through these developments, you produce high-tech fibres, yarns and fabrics that display a range of useful new properties and play a strong role in pushing the boundaries of several industries.


You’re creating printing methods that are more resilient, less expensive and with a better resolution in order to meet customer demands in terms of run sizes, functional requirements and printing time. You spend a lot of time trying to print with new inks or onto new substrates in order to keep your unique printing capabilities at the forefront of the industry, and you often have to work within constraints such as European legislation for food packaging.

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