Risk assurance

Peace of mind for you and your business. No-one wants to expose their business to the risk of tax audits or enquiries.

Independent audit service
Our unique approach ensures that your company is neither underclaiming nor overclaiming the relevant tax incentives
Due diligence ahead of acquisition or funding rounds provides peace of mind for your company.
risk assurance

ABGI can support you with innovation claim risks

Around 40,000 companies are making use of the various tax incentive schemes in the UK, with rules and guidelines open to interpretation, opinions and educated assumptions. You may well be accessing one or more of these incentives, making claims through an in-house team, an accountant or ‘specialist’.

We can provide independent audit services on those claims, highlighting any areas of risk and providing solutions to manage them going forward. We can provide support for your internal team or work with you to ensure that all risks associated with the innovation incentive claims are managed.

We can provide your Board with a report illustrating where your claim sits compared to both industry sector and geographical region. Our unique approach ensures that your company is neither underclaiming nor overclaiming the relevant tax incentives.

Risk assurance for incentives

Have confidence in your innovation tax claims


Audit to highlight areas of risk


Solutions to manage ongoing risk


We work with you or internal teams


Board reports for industry and geo benchmarking


Due diligence ahead of aquisitions or funding rounds

Due diligence

We regularly carrying out due diligence ahead of an acquisition or funding round.

Our report will highlight any areas of risk and offer solutions to manage them providing peace of mind for your company.

The ABGI experience

You can have confidence in your processes, clarity on any risks and solutions for the way forward.

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