Optimise your cashflow

At a time when businesses across the UK are bracing themselves for the challenges to come, ABGI-UK could help your company to increase cashflow, and help mitigate the disruption

ADVANCE - Advance funding on your R&D tax claim
ACCELERATE - Accelerate your R&D claim: bring it forward and secure tax credits now
ACCESS -Access a range of grants for your business


R&D Advance Funding

Short-term funding for R&D tax credit claims of over £50,000. Once HMRC pays your claim you simply repay the debt.

Overcome claim-delay cash flow challenges.

The process is straight forward, from when you make your application through to when you receive your funds. This can range from anywhere as quickly as 7 days or up to 8 weeks, depending on how quickly the funding is required, they will be able to find a timeline that suits you.


Your R&D tax relief claim

In time like these cash is critical for businesses across the UK. Don't delay claiming for R&D activity. You can do it now.

We have 12 years' experience of successfully submitting R&D tax credit claims across all sectors. We have robust remote working methodologies which allow us work in the way that best suits you.

As well as bring forward cash into your business, you will be ahead of any backlogs experienced at HMRC when things return to normal.


Grant Funding

As a UK company, you can tap into a huge range of grants and subsidies.

Grant funding aims to help businesses accelerate their ambition and realise their vision - helping start-ups grow or supporting existing businesses scale-up.

ABGI UK provides an end-to-end grants consultancy service, which includes writing and submitting grant applications, advising on the potential eligibility of your projects and supporting you in the development of appropriately costed project plans.

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