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Take our 10 years experience in R&D tax credit claims, add the combined academic and industry credentials of our in-house experts, and you arrive at a wealth of knowledge. Shed a little light on the world of innovation funding.

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What makes a great partnership?

At a time when businesses across the UK are looking to get back into work, trade associations and membership organisations will be focused on supporting their members. All sorts of commercial organisations will be looking to do a deal to have access to those members, to offer them products and services.
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Avoiding HMRC Enquiry for R&D Tax Relief

HMRC enquiry rates are rising and, if not handled properly, could damage your business. Questions can be detailed, requests can be onerous and the potentially lengthy process could be costly to you and your business in a number of areas.
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IP Strategy and Business Success – webinar

Whilst businesses across the UK are continuing to deal with the devastating impact of Covid-19, eyes have now started to turn to the future, moving from crisis management to planning for business recovery.
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Unusual places to find R&D tax relief eligibility

Not all R&D is done in laboratories by people in white coats...This misconception is preventing thousands of businesses in the UK from making R&D tax relief claims; from bakers to bagpipe makers, software developers to textile manufacturers, R&D can be found anywhere that technical challenges arise.
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Two minute tips on Patent Box

The Patent Box is a Government scheme through HMRC that provides UK companies that hold qualifying IP rights or an exclusive IP license, and receive relevant IP income, the opportunity to benefit from a reduced rate of corporation tax on relevant profits.
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Government Tax Relief for Businesses

With one in four businesses (25%) having temporarily closed or paused trading and the remaining businesses (still trading) furloughing 21% of their staff, getting cash into your business has never been more critical.