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Take our 10 years experience in R&D tax credit claims, add the combined academic and industry credentials of our in-house experts, and you arrive at a wealth of knowledge. Shed a little light on the world of innovation funding.

R&D Tax Relief in the Automotive Industry

From an R&D perspective, the automotive industry is a rich and diverse field, covering original equipment manufacturers together with the various tiers of their respective supply chains.
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What qualifies for R&D tax relief in Robotics? – Case Studies

Here we share with you real-life, practical examples of companies involved in robotics projects in various sectors, allowing them to qualify for a generous tax benefit to inject back into their business.

Green R&D Tax Relief Opportunities

"Sustainability" is the 21st Century's response to "Total Quality Management"
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Innovation Funding Guide

Could your product improvement projects be eligible for innovation funding?
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R&D Tax Relief for Water Technology Companies

Water efficiency is becoming an issue for many industries, with retailers and producers looking at ways of improving the way they utilise their resources. Better waste management not only protects the environment, but it also saves money.
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R&D Tax Relief for the Engineering Industry

You might be developing tools to support safe well intervention in the oil & gas sector. Perhaps you machine complex profiled components from exotic materials within advanced engineering industries, such as aerospace or automotive.
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The result of innovation: making things lighter

light as a feather but strong as steel.
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Vehicle Manufacture and R&D Tax Relief

Manufacturing at double the speed.
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15 best practices to manage and finance innovation

"To innovate is easy. The difficulty is to transform an innovation into real business." This quote from Michael Dell, founder of Dell, sums up the biggest challenge facing innovators in the 21st century. In a context of globalized competition, digital revolution and accelerated product life cycles, innovation is no longer an option but a pre-requisite to remaining competitive.
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KTP and R&D Tax Credits

More and more companies are discovering that with a little help from schemes such as Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP) and R&D tax relief, they can realise the full potential of R&D opportunities to create innovative products and services that will help their business grow.
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Risks Associated with R&D Tax Relief Claims

There were over 48,630 R&D tax credit claims in the UK for FYE 2018 (so far); it's anybody's guess as to how many of them were correct?