Innovation Business Recovery Guide

Investing in innovation could help your business build resilience


25 April 2022

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The last few months have been devastating to a huge number of businesses, but we have also seen real innovation - either out of necessity or responding to opportunity.

Going forward, securing funding to maintain or kickstart innovation will be critical to businesses across the UK, and this is where government-back R&D tax incentives could create a crucial financial boost, through a tax repayment on funds spend on innovation projects.

In this guide, we share with you practical examples of companies who have used the tools of Industry 4.0 to boost growth in their businesses, allowing them to become more resilient in the medium to long term, and how they have been able to recoup some of their initial investment thanks to R&D and Innovation incentives from the government.

Modernising your business to accelerate growth ... 03 - 05

Funding through the innovation project lifecycle ... 06 - 07

Case studies of successful process innovation projects ... 08 - 10

Digitisation and competitiveness ... 11 - 13

The opportunities of advanced manufacturing ... 14 - 16


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