15 best practices to manage and finance innovation

"To innovate is easy. The difficulty is to transform an innovation into real business." This quote from Michael Dell, founder of Dell, sums up the biggest challenge facing innovators in the 21st century. In a context of globalized competition, digital revolution and accelerated product life cycles, innovation is no longer an option but a pre-requisite to remaining competitive.


18 February 2020

15 Best Practices On Orange Background

If you’re a senior decision-maker, and you want to boost your innovation strategy and grow your business both in the UK and internationally, this White Paper shows you how, with 15 best practices to successfully manage and finance your innovation:

  1. Vision and Open Innovation Strategy
  2. Business Model
  3. Innovation Governance
  4. Managing Risks
  5. Innovation Framework
  6. Innovation Projects Portfolio Management
  7. Open Document Structure
  8. Technology Readiness Level (TRL) Scale
  9. Economic and Technology Monitoring
  10. Project Risk Management
  11. Knowledge Capitalisation
  12. Protecting Innovation
  13. Partnerships
  14. Skills Management
  15. Resource Management

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