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Take our 30+ year heritage in tax incentive and innovation management, add the combined academic and industry credentials of our in-house experts & advisers, and you arrive at a wealth of knowledge, which we're happy to share with you here. Shed a little light on the world of innovation funding...

R&D Tax Relief in the Renewable Energy Sector

There are numerous sources of renewable energies such as solar, wind, ocean, biomass, and hydrogen. Many businesses associated with the field of production of these energies push technological boundaries on a daily basis - Find out if you could be eligible.

R&D Tax Relief in Aquaculture

Aquaculture is becoming increasingly important for global food production, especially as wild fish stocks become depleted and the availability of new land for arable farming is becoming increasingly restricted.

R&D Tax Relief in Food Manufacturing

Making; changing; improving or attempting to overcome technical or manufacturing problems are all indicators for eligibility for R&D tax relief, read more in our guide.

R&D Tax Relief in Construction and Materials Industry

Read our eligibility guide to tax credits in the Construction and Materials Industry to find out if your projects could claim back R&D tax benefit for your business.

R&D Tax Relief in the Chemicals Industry

The chemicals industry creates an immense variety of products that impinge on virtually every aspect of day to day life. Find out if your projects could be eligible for R&D tax credits.

R&D Tax Relief in Waste Management and Recycling

Even in a prolonged recessionary environment, waste management continues to be an area of innovation, particularly in response to government directives as well as an overall drive towards resource efficiency. Reliance on technology and mechanisation is increasing, e.g. to improve recycling processes or generate energy generation from waste (including thermal recovery processes and anaerobic digestion).

R&D Tax Relief in the Toys Industry Sector

The UK is the largest toy market in Europe. From an R&D perspective, the toy sector supply chain is a rich and diverse field. ABGI is here to help the vast range of toy and hobby sector businesses produce a significant R&D tax relief claim.

Innovation Business Recovery Guide

Going forward, securing funding to maintain or kickstart innovation will be critical to businesses across the UK, and this is where government- backed R&D tax incentives could create a crucial financial boost, through a tax repayment on funds spent on innovation projects.

R&D Claim Opportunities for Manufacturing Sector

At a time when businesses across the globe are grappling with unprecedented challenges, we must all become more agile and innovative to minimise the potential impact of the unpredictable or indeed turn difficult circumstances to our advantage.

Digitisation R&D Tax Relief Opportunities

At a time when businesses across the UK are grappling with unprecedented challenges, the advice from business visionaries and leaders alike is that: “digital transformation is the key to mitigating the disruption and building future resilience.”

Case Studies of Successful Process Innovation Projects

Investment to promote greater competitiveness is more critical than ever as we embrace economic recovery. While funds will be tight, a focus on greater innovation will be essential for many businesses’ survival.

Funding Through the Innovation Project Lifecycle

In this challenging and uncertain economic climate, investing in innovation is an invaluable way for businesses to build resilience.

Modernise Your Business to Accelerate Growth

The last few months have been devastating to a huge number of businesses, but we have also seen REAL innovation - both out of necessity and responding to opportunity.

What makes a great partnership?

At a time when businesses across the UK are looking to get back into work, trade associations and membership organisations will be focused on supporting their members. All sorts of commercial organisations will be looking to do a deal to have access to those members, to offer them products and services.

Avoiding HMRC Enquiry for R&D Tax Relief

HMRC enquiry rates are rising and, if not handled properly, could damage your business. Questions can be detailed, requests can be onerous and the potentially lengthy process could be costly to you and your business in a number of areas.

IP Strategy and Business Success – webinar

Whilst businesses across the UK are continuing to deal with the devastating impact of Covid-19, eyes have now started to turn to the future, moving from crisis management to planning for business recovery.

Unusual places to find R&D tax relief eligibility

Not all R&D is done in laboratories by people in white coats...This misconception is preventing thousands of businesses in the UK from making R&D tax relief claims; from bakers to bagpipe makers, software developers to textile manufacturers, R&D can be found anywhere that technical challenges arise.

Two minute tips on Patent Box

The Patent Box is a Government scheme through HMRC that provides UK companies that hold qualifying IP rights or an exclusive IP license, and receive relevant IP income, the opportunity to benefit from a reduced rate of corporation tax on relevant profits.

Government Tax Relief for Businesses

With one in four businesses (25%) having temporarily closed or paused trading and the remaining businesses (still trading) furloughing 21% of their staff, getting cash into your business has never been more critical.
patent box schematic

5 Key Facts About the HMRC Patent Box

Patent Box is part of the Government’s range of incentives to encourage companies like yours to innovate and maintain the UK’s world-leading position in many sectors by incentivising them to commercialise their patents and R&D in the UK.

Understanding HMRC’s guidelines

The HMRC guidelines for what constitutes R&D are extensive... but not always clear!

Innovation Funding Guide

Could your product improvement projects be eligible for innovation funding?

4 R&D Tax Relief Claim Pitfalls to Avoid

Year on year, as more businesses become aware of their eligibility, the number of R&D tax credit claims is steadily increasing.

Claiming for R&D Tax Credits in the Construction Industry

Latest figures from HMRC show that more than 45,045 SME claims and 7,285 RDEC claims were made across the UK totalling £4.4bn in tax relief.

Advice If You Are Already Claiming R&D Tax Relief

Research has shown that the majority of businesses under-claim R&D tax credits due to their lack of knowledge of the tax scheme and inability to relate their technical projects and activities to HMRC’s strict guidelines.

R&D Tax Relief for Water Technology Companies

Water efficiency is becoming an issue for many industries, with retailers and producers looking at ways of improving the way they utilise their resources. Better waste management not only protects the environment, but it also saves money.

Maximise Your Innovation Funding Results

So, you’re already claiming R&D tax credits and doing a pretty good job of it, but what if you could maximise your results?

Why you should be claiming R&D tax relief

If you are a company where you have people and costs associated with project activities aimed at advancing what you do, then you could be eligible for R&D tax credits.

R&D Tax Credits for Pump & Valve Manufacturers

Innovations in material technology and electronics, together with improvements to manufacturing processes has enabled the industry to develop in recent years.
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R&D Tax Relief for the Engineering Industry

You might be developing tools to support safe well intervention in the oil & gas sector. Perhaps you machine complex profiled components from exotic materials within advanced engineering industries, such as aerospace or automotive.

7 Common Myths About R&D Tax Credits

We all love a good myth, particularly mythical creatures, and especially unicorns!
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Why do some R&D tax claims go wrong?

HMRC has a responsibility to ensure that individuals and businesses are paying the correct amount of tax and claim the correct amount of tax benefits, and this applies to R&D tax claims too.

R&D Tax Credit Myths

Don’t be a fool and fall for any of these myths about R&D tax credits! Read below where we separate fact from R&D fiction.

The result of innovation: making things lighter

light as a feather but strong as steel.

Green R&D Tax Relief Opportunities

"Sustainability" is the 21st Century's response to "Total Quality Management"

Vehicle Manufacture and R&D Tax Relief

Manufacturing at double the speed.

15 best practices to manage and finance innovation

"To innovate is easy. The difficulty is to transform an innovation into real business." This quote from Michael Dell, founder of Dell, sums up the biggest challenge facing innovators in the 21st century. In a context of globalized competition, digital revolution and accelerated product life cycles, innovation is no longer an option but a pre-requisite to remaining competitive.

KTP and R&D Tax Credits

More and more companies are discovering that with a little help from schemes such as Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP) and R&D tax relief, they can realise the full potential of R&D opportunities to create innovative products and services that will help their business grow.
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Innovation Funding Solutions to Detox Your Business

Finding the right funding solutions to accelerate and fund your innovation could be the much-needed tonic for your business...
electrical circuit board

Ultimate R&D Tax Relief Guide for Digital Companies

There is no substitute for experience when it comes to a successful R&D tax relief claim.
risk assurance

Risks Associated with R&D Tax Relief Claims

There were over 48,630 R&D tax credit claims in the UK for FYE 2018 (so far); it's anybody's guess as to how many of them were correct?

R&D Video Game Tax Relief

There's nearly £3bn in R&D tax credits to be won.

Turn Software Development Challenges Into Financial Help

Case studies of software development challenges that qualify for R&D tax relief.

R&D Tax Relief Examples & Case Studies

We ask Innovation Funding Consultant Karen Baker, PhD for examples on what makes a project successful for R&D relief.

The results of innovation: Making things smaller

There is no doubt British companies which have been involved in R&D and those which turn out to be hugely successful are linked.