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7 common myths about R&D tax credits

We all love a good myth, particularly mythical creatures, and especially unicorns!
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Why do some R&D tax claims go wrong?

HMRC has a responsibility to ensure that individuals and businesses are paying the correct amount of tax and claim the correct amount of tax benefits, and this applies to R&D tax claims too.

April fool

Don’t be a fool and fall for any of these myths about R&D tax credits! Read below where we separate fact from R&D fiction.

The result of innovation: making things lighter

light as a feather but strong as steel.

The result of innovation: making things greener

"Sustainability" is the 21st Century's response to "Total Quality Management"

The results of innovation: Making things go faster

Manufacturing at double the speed.

15 best practices to manage and finance innovation

"To innovate is easy. The difficulty is to transform an innovation into real business." This quote from Michael Dell, founder of Dell, sums up the biggest challenge facing innovators in the 21st century. In a context of globalized competition, digital revolution and accelerated product life cycles, innovation is no longer an option but a pre-requisite to remaining competitive.

KTP and R&D Tax Credits

More and more companies are discovering that with a little help from schemes such as Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP) and R&D tax relief, they can realise the full potential of R&D opportunities to create innovative products and services that will help their business grow.
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Detox your business with the right innovation funding solution

Finding the right funding solutions to accelerate and fund your innovation could be the much-needed tonic for your business...