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End-to-end grants consultancy service for UK businesses

Huge range of grants and funding opportunities for UK businesses
Depend on the size of your company, what stage it’s at, your industry sector and location.
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Grant Funding aims to help your business accelerate its ambition and realise vision - helping start-ups grow or supporting businesses scale-up. ABGI-UK helps companies tap into a huge range of grants and subsidies, which vary depending on the size of the company, what state it's at, industry sector and location through our process:

1. Grant Project Scoping

First and foremost, we listen to understand your business goals and aspirations for the future. We can then pinpoint which projects are likely to stand the greatest chance of success and how they fit with the eligibility and scope of the grant competitions (including Innovate UK, Scottish Enterprise and EU funding).

2. Grant Application Development

Our Consultant team have a range of technical knowledge, creative flair and business experience to write a strong and compelling grant application. Our process is iterative to maximise the chances of success. We minimise your time and fit around your schedule, so you can prioritise day-to-day operations of your business.

3. Post-Award Compliance and Grant Management

Following the positive outcome of the application, we help you through the project setup stage to ensure you sail through due diligence checks so you can start your project as soon as possible.

Understanding what UK and European funding bodies require for project reporting is one of our strengths. With the support of our Consultant team, their previous Project Management experience of Innovate UK, Scottish Enterprise and EU Funding (including H2020 and FP7) will ensure your progress reports are delivered efficiently to hasten your grant payments.

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