Grant Funding

End-to-end grants consultancy service for UK businesses

Huge range of grants and funding opportunities for UK businesses
Depend on the size of your company, what stage it’s at, your industry sector and location.
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How can ABGI support funding acquisition?

ABGI provides an end-to-end grants consultancy service, which includes:

  • Profiling your business and the potential eligibility of your projects
  • Identifying the various opportunities available to you, highlighting requirements, benefits and potential impacts on your business
  • Writing and submitting the grant applications, along with supporting documentation,
  • providing ongoing support - for example with reporting requirements

International support

Our experience in the UK and abroad means we have access to a broad range of international partners who could provide support to your business, depending on your strategic objectives and company structure.

Funding, of course, isn’t necessarily all about grants.

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