You might have thought putting an R&D tax relief claim together was easy, or have been reassured by an adviser that it has been taken care of. Your claim goes in...

.... and then you become the subject of an HMRC enquiry.

Enquiry rates are rising and, if not handled properly, could damage your business.

The guidelines are lengthy and detailed and - despite chatter that HMRC doesn't have the resources to look at every claim - they are very focused on making sure tax relief only goes to those with eligibility.

As the UK's leading R&D tax relief specialist, we've been successfully defending HMRC enquiries since 2008.

Enquiry Defence from Jumpstart

We work with you technical and financial team to fully resolve any question that HMRC may have concerning your R&D tax relief claim;

If required, we prepare written responses to HMRC to address any queries;

If required, we will prepare additional technical narrative to further support your claim;

If appropriate, we will amend supporting cost documentation as a result of our investigation, and resubmit these to HMRC;

We will provide full guidance, support and preparation for any calls that your company is required to make with HMRC and mediate these calls to ensure that your claim is presented in a robust manner;

We will provide full guidance, support and preparation for any site visits HMRC may request during its enquiry and be on hand during these visits to provide additional advice and guidance;

If necessary, we will engage with your accountant to prepare amended tax computations as a result of the enquiry.

Jumpstart is passionate about empowering innovation in UK Business through effective use of the R&D tax credits scheme. Our core focus is the production of R&D tax credit claims, but our 11 years of experience in over 4,500 claims has led us to develop our Enquiry Defence service.

JUMPSTART your R&D tax claim today.