R&D tax credits as a welcome by-product of advances in the manufacture of metal forming machinery.

Metal Machine From Rautomead Case Study

Dundee-based manufacturer Rautomead fuelled further technological advances with the money reclaimed by ABGI UK through R&D tax credits.

Operating factors including thermal shock and the build-up of silicate during continuous casting can adversely impact the efficiency of the process. By demonstrating how Rautomead had overcome these challenges to appreciably enhance performance through improved furnace thermal efficiency and casting rate, ABGI UK forged a long-lasting relationship with the company, while securing them a six figure sum.

“From a very technically minded operation they can pick up the nuances of what we’re trying to get at as much more than from an accountancy point of view so they can make that bridge between the technical side and what HMRC are looking for. It’s a simple way to do it.

The ABGI UK guys understand our business; we understand the process, and it makes something which is very valuable to the company very easy. We’ve not had any comeback in any way so it’s just been all incredibly smooth. As a company we spend something like 20% of our turnover on R&D, which is a substantial amount of money for us as a company, so it’s a fairly strategic part of our whole business.

It’s easy to say I would recommend them, yes, I would. We’ve done very well from R&D tax credits. We have to spend R&D in the first place but getting the tax credit was a good system, certainly helped our bottom line and that helps us position ourselves for future business as well.”

Brian Frame

Managing Director, Rautomead