Qualvis Print & Packaging

ABGI UK helped this leading manufacturer or printer cartons receive a sizeable benefit from HMRC.

qualvis case study image

A family owned company based in Leicester, Qualvis supplies companies such as Marks & Spencer, Waitrose and Tesco with quality packaging across a range of sectors – including cosmetics, multimedia, household and food.

The company has continued to reinvest in its facilities and processes over the years, helping it find innovative ways to stay at the forefront of design and printing in the UK.

However, it wasn’t until Qualvis spoke to ABGI that the company realised what it was missing out on.

"We weren’t aware of the full scope of the R&D tax relief scheme until ABGI delved into our projects and had a look at what we were doing.

I thought the process on my end would be difficult, cumbersome and not worth the return. ABGI explained that as we had maintained project management and timing records, it would become a matter of attributing costs to the time spent on each applicable part of a project – something that I found easy to put together and completed in an afternoon.

We thought innovation meant your product had to be 'groundbreaking’ in some way, but it turns out that our day-to-day operations were adding to the UK’s knowledge economy. I now see the R&D tax relief scheme as a useful tool for our business. It has allowed us to ultimately drive a better customer proposition,
as well as benefitting our bottom line. You can gain more from it than what may you may think."

Richard Pacey

Creative Design Director, Qualvis Print & Packaging