Make UK

ABGI UK is everything this manufacturing leader were looking for – a perfect R&D tax relief partner.

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Expertise means Make UK members can be assured of higher levels of benefit with minimal effort

Make UK is the most powerful force backing UK manufacturing. They help secure the future growth and development of UK manufacturing which they deliver through a unique combination of government representation, industry intelligence, networking programmes and business services – all designed to help UK manufacturers evolve, innovate, compete and grow.

“When we introduce a partner to our members it’s vitally important those partners have the same ethos as Make UK.

Over the last year, ABGI UK has demonstrated time and time that they are synonymous with quality, integrity and accuracy and as a result we have been very comfortable introducing ABGI UK to our members and allowing them to work closely with companies.

We have been delighted by our partnership with ABGI UK and by the value ABGI UK has delivered to our members. Their expertise means our members can be assured of higher levels of benefit with minimal effort on their part, which is enormously important in a climate where every penny counts in a business.

The level of service delivered has been exceptional. ABGI UK is everything we were looking for in an R&D tax relief partner.”

Emily Lawrence

Programme Manager, Make UK