Klinge Chemicals Ltd

ABGI makes the process for putting together R&D tax claims simple, creating a seamless experience for Klinge Chemicals.

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Established 40 years ago, Klinge Chemicals Ltd leads the world in specialist potassium chloride production.

The company’s unique manufacturing process enables it to supply pharmaceutical, injectable and food grade potassium chloride products of the very highest quality. As the UK's only specialist manufacturer of potassium chloride, Klinge can match customers' requirements precisely, right down to the particle size distribution and type of packaging used.

"We were initially recommended to ABGI by our Auditors and have been a client since 2017. We particularly like the fact that the ABGI process for
putting together our R&D tax claims is a simple one, making our experience seamless.

As an added bonus, we enjoy the fact that ABGI have a good relationship with HMRC, as this is something very few people do!

From our years working with ABGI on our R&D tax claims, we gained a much clearer understanding of HMRC’s requirements. As a result, we now only spend a few days a year collating our information to pass on to our Technical Advisor for him to complete our claim - I wish it was as easy and profitable for the rest of our business!"

Robert Templeton

Company Secretary
Klinge Chemicals