Glencairn Crystal

The R&D tax benefits Glencairn Crystal received with the help of ABGI turbocharged their investment in new products, processes, and commercial sales. 

ABGI & Glencairn Crystal Whisky Glass | Testimonial

Glencairn Crystal is an expert in the design, creation and supply of crystal and glass decanters for super-premium spirits. They have been supplying the whisky industry and beyond, with creative, premium, quality crystal and glassware for forty years.

"I was introduced to ABGI by accountants as a reputable and reliable company to assist with our finance strategy. Their reputation amongst accountants as good, friendly people, who genuinely wanted to help is what kickstarted our relationship. 

Receiving an R&D assessment and working with ABGI technical experts made us realise how much we were investing in research and development that we weren’t aware of. R&D proliferated throughout many areas of production, our design team, and a large proportion of our working day was devoted to researching new products and processes within our business. 

Thanks to the help we received from ABGI in identifying where exactly we were spending money on R&D, we can now grow our business further and employ more staff to increase production activities. The R&D tax benefits we received turbocharged our continuing investment in new products, processes, and commercial sales. 

The ABGI consultants, engineers, and technologists were a pleasure to work with, and we now have a smooth process in place, meaning we can rigorously manage the assessment. We have had a very successful relationship with ABGI, and they’ve been helpful every step of the way. 

ABGI are friendly, helpful, and capable. I would recommend them to others as the R&D tax credit service provider of choice."

Scott Davidson

Director, Glencairn Crystal, 2022