Beverston Engineering

For precision engineers, Beverston were delighted at the size of the R&D tax credits claim ABGI UK secured for them.

Aircraft Propellers Zoomed In For Beverston Case Study

Explaining systematic improvements in the manufacturing process to HMRC, ABGI UK recovered a significant sum to invest in new machinery and recruit additional staff.

It’s not just the aerospace and pharmaceutical industries that are benefiting from Beverston Engineering’s R&D.

A world class manufacturer specialising in the prototyping and manufacture of state-of-the-art engineering components, Beverston developed complex manufacturing techniques to produce safety-critical aerospace and pharmaceutical components using exotic materials.

“ABGI UK have made the whole process very easy. They have to work with my accountant. My accountant’s very impressed with them as well, so much so that he’s recommended them to some of his other clients. Because we’ve now got the order for the next few years for production parts, I’ve got a business plan in place that’s going to create 8 or 9 jobs this year and half a million pounds worth of investment in machine tools”

Rod Wah

Managing Directory, Beverston Engineering