AvantiCell Science

Talk about survival of the fittest...ABGI UK keeps securing Ayrshire-based AvantiCell Science substantial sums, helping to keep it at the forefront of life science research.

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After a free 40-minute screening, followed by two very productive meetings, ABGI UK produced a detailed technical report.

This substantial body of work won AvantiCell a significant R&D tax credits claim, which they’ve been keen to repeat in subsequent years. To date, AvantiCell has entrusted ABGI UK with eight years’ claims, with more in the pipeline.

Established in 2006, AvantiCell Science Ltd provides leading-edge cell-based products and services to clients in the pharmaceutical, agri-biotechnology and healthcare industries. The company’s business is concentrated on cell-based assays for use in drug discovery, biomedical research and natural product testing. The quality and nature of its cells can save clients significant time and money in subsequent testing and clinical trials since they’re a better representation of animal models than established cell lines.

“We probably have a clearer view than most as to what constitutes R&D. What interested us was how far we could extend that; to learn what the R&D tax claim legislation would cover.

It is true that ABGI UK has maximised our claim and that our accountant has been helped to utilize it for our business benefit. Apart from receiving money, the success of the process has encouraged us to look even more closely at our business and what we do in terms of future planning of research.

I would thoroughly recommend ABGI UK to others. Doing an R&D tax claim perhaps sounds like a bit of a climb up Mount Everest but ABGI UK made it very easy and dare I say enjoyable? Their whole approach at a scientific level meant that HMRC received a technical report that contained all the salient points; it’s a winning combination of legislative understanding and technical know-how.”

Dr Jo Oliver

Chief Executive Officer, AvantiCell Science Ltd.