Working in partnership with ABGI UK makes the accountant the hero.

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ABGI UK's offering provides an added value service that is not only great for Peak Performance but for their clients too.

A nationwide network of accountants whose goal is to help accountants and their clients develop peak performing businesses, giving them choice and control over their finances, time and lives.

Through their network, Armadillo are raising awareness of R&D Tax Credits, encouraging accountants all over the UK to use the tax breaks that will help their clients. Some of their member accountants already know about R&D Tax Credits and indeed some will be experts in claiming for them, however, the vast majority are not aware of them and do not particularly wish to wade through the 15 pages of detail from HMRC.

"Using ABGI UK’s expertise, the claim that can be submitted for clients can be significantly boosted and this is enormously important in a climate where every penny counts in a business.

We have built an excellent relationship with ABGI UK, and in order to raise awareness, we have run boot camps, developed marketing materials, ran educational webinars and circulated information through our newsletters. All this acts as a reminder to our network of accountants enabling them to offer R&D claims that maximize their clients’ claims.

Our accountants refer potential clients to ABGI UK and through a screening process, those eligible enter the programme. ABGI UK’s Technical Analysts review the company’s activities for eligibility and produce comprehensive technical reports which our accountants submit to HMRC with their paperwork.

ABGI UK are proactive, responsive and experts in their field. We say to our network, we know that you might be able to do R&D Tax Claims but ABGI UK do this and only this and you and your clients can benefit enormously from working in partnership."

Gordon Berry

Director, Armadillo