ACS Clothing

ABGI provided ACS with a specialised, technical R&D tax credit claim service, resulting in maximised tax relief.

Blue And White Image Of Warehouse With Clothing In Bags

Andrew Rough, Chief Financial Officer at ACS shares his experience of being a client of ABGI since 2014. ACS has the largest laundry facility in Scotland and we are delighted to have helped the company claim a seven-figure sum in R&D tax credits since working with us.

"We realised then that ABGI could really guide and help us to uncover significant, legitimate projects and that R&D is not the preserve of high-end, high-tech, pharmaceutical businesses!

What was remarkable was the speed with which the whole exercise was completed. We had an initial meeting which set out the scope for the various eligible projects. The ABGI Technical Analyst took that information away and drafted an impressively detailed document, which demonstrated how well he had understood the technology in our processes and business."

Andrew Rough

Finance Director, ACS Clothing