Capital Allowances provide generous tax relief

One of the most complex areas of the UK tax legislation; more than 50% of UK businesses don’t claim their entitlement

Could be worth hundreds of thousands of pounds when evaluated
Opportunity when a business carries out capital expenditure
Relief available while buying or selling any commercial property
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ABGI can support your allowances claim

Our multi-disciplinary team, including lawyers, tax accountants and surveyors, will assist you in identifying your entitlement across all your assets and relieve the burden of tax compliance.

We will quantify and allocate expenditure into the correct pools to ensure you obtain the appropriate tax relief and we work with Valuation Office Agency and HMRC to agree your claim.

Our consultancy services will keep you in control of the process, confident that your fixed asset processes are robust and provide the required information to support your claims for tax relief in an efficient manner.

Research & Development Allowances (RDAs)

Get immediate tax relief by writing off 100% of the cost of capital items for R&D in their year of purchase

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