Vehicle automation

While there is evidence to suggest that progress towards driverless vehicles should be incremental, automated driving features in vehicles are coming along in leaps and bounds.

19 November 2020


Some vehicles on the market can now automatically ensure lane discipline. They have Stop-and-Go adaptive cruise control and emergency braking. Automated parking, meanwhile, has become a standard addition in many cars.

At the prestige end of the market, several vehicles have already achieved level-3 autopilot driving – that’s when a car can automate its primary driving functions under certain conditions. Tesla’s vehicles, for example, can completely automate the driving experience from on-ramp to off-ramp on a motorway, have the ability to respond to traffic controls and work well on city streets.

To make the field of vehicular automation even more competitive, motorists can choose from several open-source assisted self-driving car applications, like and open-pilot.

Expect technology to drive even further advances in 2021.