Robotics & robotic process automation (RPA)

The global pandemic has caused many organisations to take another aspect of AI-linked technology seriously – autonomous robotics.

19 November 2020

Interior of warehouse in logistic center have AGV/Robot arm,3d rendering

Following the hasty introduction of social distancing, companies are facing new challenges in ensuring the health of their employees if they work onsite.

One option is for companies to keep their businesses operating with robotic process automation (RPA). In the case of Amazon, RPA has proven better at handling jobs that would otherwise require human interaction.

Robots can be expected to flourish in certain classes of jobs that can’t be done with the required social distancing, since they aren’t susceptible to the same health concerns as humans.

Think of autonomous forklift machines or robots that separate and handle prescriptions for customers. They are cost-effective, quick, cheap to maintain… and help prevent mistakes.

A lot of companies will be taking a leaf out of Amazon’s smart warehousing operations driven by RPA and robotics.