R&D tax credit specialist Jumpstart rebrands in line with French parent company

04 October 2019

Scott Henderson (smallerMB)

R&D tax credits specialist Jumpstart is rebranding as ABGI UK after it was taken over by a French firm this year.

The Edinburgh-based business's brand has continued alongside Visiativ's ABGI UK brand but both are now to operate under the latter name. Jumpstart had been focussed on the SME market while AGBI targeted larger businesses.

The move is part of a £250,000 investment in the UK business which includes the opening of a new London office and the aim of a 25% growth in staff. ABGI UK provides R&D tax credit and Patent Box services, and has also expanded into include risk assurance, grant funding, R&D advances and capital allowances.

With its headquarters in Edinburgh and existing offices in Birmingham and Manchester, ABGI UK’s new London premises will be in the City of London in New Broad Street.

ABGI UK CEO Scott Henderson, who was managing director of Jumpstart and led its sale to the French parent company, said: “The significant investment into the UK operation comes on the back of strong growth in our business. We are seeing increasing interest from companies looking to address the inherent conflict of interest and risk exposure of using their accountant or audit partner for this type of consultancy. Furthermore, we are seeing companies looking to access our expertise to optimise their claim, experience a better service or pay a more competitive price.

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