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Free R&D tax relief claims for Sussex companies currently developing innovation to combat COVID-19

At a time when businesses across Sussex, and the whole of the UK are bracing themselves for the challenges to come, completing an R&D tax relief claim could be an easy way for you to increase cashflow, and help mitigate the disruption.

Innovation relief is at hand for UK Fintechs

As Coronavirus dominates the agenda, with the Chancellor announcing £330 billion in relief measures to deal with its impact, it’s positive to see the UK Government also focusing on the longer term economy by helping develop the nation’s burgeoning Fintech sector.

Managing global supply chains in the Covid-19 crisis: Part 2

We’re all noticing the incoherence and disruption arising from Covid-19, especially in our local supermarkets, shops and essential retailers.
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Q&A: will Covid19 affect my R&D tax relief claim?

With many companies currently turning to R&D tax relief as a way to inject crucial cash back into their business, we've received many questions from clients on how Covid-19 might affect their R&D claims in the short and long term.

Robotics combatting Coronavirus

Some of the news and updates relating to how a new strain of coronavirus (COVID-19) is impacting the globe are, quite frankly, alarming and reality is sinking in that we are in this for the long haul!

Managing global supply chains in the Covid-19 crisis: Part 1

While this crisis is affecting us all very personally this time, in the world of supply chains this is not an isolated grand challenge, and we can take heart that similar tragic events have prompted improvements that will serve us well.

Genetically Modified insects – what’s all the buzz about?

Scientist around the world are testing how genetically modified insects could help with disease control or even eradication of lethal mosquito-borne viruses such as malaria, zika or dengue.

Dundee alloy manufacturer invests in apprentices and secures Chinese growth with R&D tax rebates

A technology and equipment supplier in Dundee is upskilling staff and gearing up for international growth after securing tax rebates on its R&D investment.

ABGI-UK hires dealmaker from Benchmark International

Edinburgh-based R&D funding specialist Jordan Beecroft to advise south of England clients.

Free support to companies developing innovation to combat Covid-19

ABGI has announced it is now offering free advice and support on R&D tax relief claims to companies investigating ways of combatting the coronavirus to meet the nation's current healthcare needs.