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The technology behind the James Webb Space Telescope

We are all amazed by the recent images produced by the largest space telescope in history. But how does the Webb actually work?

R&D tax relief – major changes confirmed and action needed now

HMRC has confirmed upcoming reforms to the R&D Tax Relief schemes, which will cause four major changes to the schemes and could impact your business.

Hydrogen Production Patent Landscape Report

A snapshot of hydrogen production patent applications using a combination of artificial intelligence, patent classifications and key words to contextualise patent activity in Hydrogen, as well as Fuel Cell technologies.
Cell biology and its huge micro advances

Cell biology and its huge micro advances

Increasingly sophisticated microscope techniques allow us to fully see and analyse the workings of biological cells.

What’s the hype about hydrogen?

Potentially the future of fuel – as long as we find a way to produce it using renewable energy sources.

An update on R&D tax credit payment delays

We received an update from HMRC on R&D Tax Credit payments delays, so if you are waiting on an R&D claim payment, read on…
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HMRC delay payment of some R&D tax credits

Expect delays beyond the usual 6-8 week overall processing time, as HMRC are investigating some irregular R&D tax claims.
A Swimming Frog

Scientists regrow frog’s legs in a breakthrough experiment. Will humans be next?

Scientists have developed a specific multi-drug, pro-regenerative treatment to regrow legs of adult frogs, which are naturally unable to regenerate limbs.

Extracting Carbon Dioxide from the air: a futile endeavour or the new frontier in the fight against climate change?

Increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) are responsible for about two-thirds of the total energy imbalance that is causing Earth's temperature to rise. Can extracting carbon dioxide from the air help in tackling global warming?
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Outsource your R&D tax relief services and “offload the risk”

ABGI UK conducted a survey of the accountancy market in 2022 in association with Accountancy Age, with a view to assessing firms’ attitudes towards outsourcing their R&D Tax Relief services.