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Multimedia company leads the way in heritage sector, with ABGi UK’s support

At museums, castles and country parks, multimedia guides help visitors to get more from their visit by providing self-guided tours for adults, families, foreign language speakers, and visitors with special needs such as hearing or visual impairment.

The rewards of investing in life sciences

Despite uncertainty in global financial markets and around the impact of Brexit on R&D funding, workforce and medicines regulation, the UK’s Life Sciences sector has continued to grow and attract investors.

The future of car technology

We look at the key trends and R&D potential in upcoming cutting edge automobile technology.
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How to calculate how much your R&D tax credit claim is worth

In the UK, many businesses are working on researching and developing new technologies, but failing to claim relief.

Antibiotic Resistance: A Return to the Medical Dark Ages?

What images spring to mind when you consider healthcare in the middle ages?

Pregnancy Brain – fact or fiction??

There are conflicting views on the effects of pregnancy on the human brain and impact to cognitive skills, such as memory, attention and executive functioning.

Accountants – what are the benefits of working with an R&D tax credit advisory firm?

What do you want from an R&D tax credit claim? Of course there is the obvious – maximised value to give your clients the best cash flow opportunities. But what about the cost of getting there?

Research & Development Tax Relief Example: Food Development

You’d be surprised by what qualifies for R&D tax credits these days...

Research & Development Tax Relief Example: Electrical Control Systems

Let’s see if we can shed some light on what qualifies for R&D tax credits in electrical control systems projects

Have your cake, and eat the packaging, too.

Recent developments in Food Packaging Science could open up major opportunities for manufacturers, some of which will qualify for R&D tax relief.