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Antibiotic Resistance: A Return to the Medical Dark Ages?

What images spring to mind when you consider healthcare in the middle ages?

Pregnancy Brain – fact or fiction??

There are conflicting views on the effects of pregnancy on the human brain and impact to cognitive skills, such as memory, attention and executive functioning.

Accountants – what are the benefits of working with an R&D tax credit advisory firm?

What do you want from an R&D tax credit claim? Of course there is the obvious – maximised value to give your clients the best cash flow opportunities. But what about the cost of getting there?

Research & Development Tax Relief Example: Food Development

You’d be surprised by what qualifies for R&D tax credits these days...

Research & Development Tax Relief Example: Electrical Control Systems

Let’s see if we can shed some light on what qualifies for R&D tax credits in electrical control systems projects

Have your cake, and eat the packaging, too.

Recent developments in Food Packaging Science could open up major opportunities for manufacturers, some of which will qualify for R&D tax relief.

Research & Development Tax Relief Example: Metal Forming Machinery Manufacturing

You’ll stand a much better chance of justifying your R&D tax credits claim and recovering all the money you’re due if you can talk to HMRC in a language they understand

Do my projects qualify for SME or Large Company R&D tax relief?

Knowing whether your projects qualify for R&D tax relief under the SME scheme or the Large Company (RDEC) scheme is important, as it can significantly affect the size and value of your claim.

The impact of “Industry 4.0” on Research & Development Tax Credits.

Industry 4.0 could open up major opportunities for manufacturing, some of which might qualify for R&D tax relief.

R&D tax credits example: Aerospace and Pharmaceutical Components Engineering

It’s official! According to the latest figures from HMRC, more and more companies are now benefiting from the Government’s R&D tax credits scheme. What’s even better news for SMEs is that they’re leading the charge, with an impressive 30% hike in the number of claims submitted in 2012-13 compared to 2011-12.