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ARMAR – the key to cost reductions in Manufacturing?

Recent technology advances have spawned new software systems to assist in product maintenance in Manufacturing.

Is the UK’s tech sector missing out on R&D tax relief?

The UK’s technology sector is widely acknowledged as one of the fastest growing areas of the economy, with Prime Minister Theresa May describing it earlier this year as a "great British success story".

Emerging Technologies within the Food & Drink Industry

Recent innovation by SMEs and academia has led to several exciting new material developments with implications for a wide variety of different industries.

Ten top tips to choose the right R&D tax relief advisor

Make sure you choose the right R&D tax relief advisory firm, for a robust, maximised claim with none of the hassle.

R&D Tax Relief Fake News

When it comes to R&D tax relief, at ABGI UK we hear a lot of fake news, and we don’t like it. R&D tax fake news can misinform eligible businesses, leading them to wrongly believe that R&D tax credits aren’t for them.

The hidden value in innovation

Harnessing research and development tax credits and investing in innovation could unlock significant opportunities for manufacturers, as specialists at ABGI UK point out.

Multimedia company leads the way in heritage sector, with ABGi UK’s support

At museums, castles and country parks, multimedia guides help visitors to get more from their visit by providing self-guided tours for adults, families, foreign language speakers, and visitors with special needs such as hearing or visual impairment.

The rewards of investing in life sciences

Despite uncertainty in global financial markets and around the impact of Brexit on R&D funding, workforce and medicines regulation, the UK’s Life Sciences sector has continued to grow and attract investors.

The future of car technology

We look at the key trends and R&D potential in upcoming cutting edge automobile technology.
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How to calculate how much your R&D tax credit claim is worth

In the UK, many businesses are working on researching and developing new technologies, but failing to claim relief.