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Innovation in funding

HERE’S A QUESTION FOR YOU. What is it that all UK businesses, regardless of sector and location have in common? The answer – a need for funding.

Brewing the future: water efficiency in beer making

Beer-to-water ratios, eliminating second rinses and steam recapture, are now common parlance among brewery managers more used to talking about mash tubs and fermentation vessels.

Emerging Technologies within the Materials Industry

Recent innovation by SMEs and academia has led to several exciting new material developments with implications for a wide variety of different industries.

R&D tax relief can fuel growth in renewables

The UK’s renewable energy sector continues to adjust to the post-subsidy environment.

The Internet of Things

There is a lot of noise in the press and online media about the Internet of Things (IoT). You may well ask; ‘What is it?’ and ‘What does it mean to to me?’ We’ll try to answer these here.

Plastic food packaging – the scourge of our planet

Food packaging is having its moment in the press, with plastic packaging revealed as one of the main sources of packaging waste in Europe – 37 % of all food sold in the EU is wrapped in plastic.

Emerging Technologies within the Energy and Environmental Sectors

Recent developments have led to several exciting emergent technologies that will provide greater benefit to the Energy and Environmental sectors.

The science behind R&D tax relief

Claiming R&D tax relief isn’t exactly rocket science is it? Sorry to disappoint you, but yes it is actually.

The Science of Running

With the running season truly upon us, we consider the science behind running, and what us humans gain from it (apart from the blisters!).

Emerging Technologies within the Healthcare Supply Chain

Recent innovation by SMEs and academia has led to several exciting developments with implications to the healthcare technology supply chain.