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Is clean meat the solution to the global food crisis?

Although the global production of food is sufficient to feed the current human population, the 2018 Global Report on Food Crises published by the World Food Programme estimated that 124 million people in 51 countries are currently facing acute food insecurity or worse.

Could Faecal Transplants end IBS misery?

Poo. We all do it, it’s a natural bodily function and while most of us find the idea of doing anything other than flushing utterly revolting, the humble poo may be the answer that many sufferers of bowel problems are looking for.

R&D tax relief conditions to be satisfied for chemical companies

Chemical companies are one of the traditional R&D companies, advancing science on a regular basis.

Innovators urged to make the most of green tax incentives

Quicker access to granted patents coupled with patent-friendly tax relief programmes, means it’s never been a better time to develop environmentally friendly products or processes in the UK!

Can you claim R&D tax relief if you have received other funding?

R&D tax relief exists to support companies attempting to move their industry forward, achieving an advance in a field of science or technology through the resolution of scientific or technological uncertainties.

Self-healing materials

n the early 2000s, smart materials began to be developed which have the inherent ability to repair damage to themselves without intervention, just like skin, bone and living tissue would do.

Clean but not lean?

Could commonly-used, household cleaners be making children overweight? New study suggests that everyday disinfectants and surface cleaners might be altering the bacteria in their guts.

Innovation in funding

HERE’S A QUESTION FOR YOU. What is it that all UK businesses, regardless of sector and location have in common? The answer – a need for funding.

Brewing the future: water efficiency in beer making

Beer-to-water ratios, eliminating second rinses and steam recapture, are now common parlance among brewery managers more used to talking about mash tubs and fermentation vessels.

Emerging Technologies within the Materials Industry

Recent innovation by SMEs and academia has led to several exciting new material developments with implications for a wide variety of different industries.