New grant funding for offshore wind components manufacturing

The race to kickstart innovation and R&D plans in a post-Brexit and COVID Britain has already begun with the introduction of new initiatives for priority sectors.

05 March 2021

Wind Turbine Offshore Under Construction

Following the government’s commitment to “building back better and greener”, the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) has recently launched the Offshore Wind Investment Programme, which aims to support the delivery of manufacturing investment in the offshore wind supply chain.

This programme will provide grant funding for major investments in the manufacture of offshore wind components in disadvantaged or deprived regions in the UK.

There are currently over 7,200 direct offshore wind jobs in the UK and could potentially rise to over 60,000 direct and indirect jobs by 2030.

The programme aims to meet the BEIS objective of supporting clean growth, particularly around promoting global action to tackle climate change through renewable power generation, ensuring the UK can meet its 2050 Net Zero goal.

With three months until the deadline (30th May 2021) now is the perfect time to contact ABGI to see if you can secure a share of the funding. This grant funding opportunity could be the answer for your business.

Applications can come from various areas of offshore technology and some examples are below:

  • the construction of new manufacturing facilities
  • the construction of an extension or expansion of existing manufacturing facilities

The constructed facilities will manufacture either:

  • offshore wind blades
  • offshore wind towers
  • offshore wind export and array cables
  • offshore wind monopile foundations
  • other strategically important components for offshore windfarms


The project must be delivered by a UK registered business and carried out in a disadvantaged or deprived region of the UK.

The proposed project must be in a realistic position to reach a financial investment decision in 2021 and be operational to supply by the end of 2023.

Project costs are expected to be multi-million pound projects and the grant is a discretionary level and will need to be match funded.

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Our process

We use towards a five-step approach to ensure your application is ready for the deadline and makes a strong business case:

1.  Launch and Establishing Projects

  •  Through our Sales team, we will work with you to establish whether your project is eligible through understanding the timings, costs and objectives.

2.  Grant Project Scoping

  •  We scope the grant funding authorities to matchmake your proposed projects to the competitions likely to yield the strongest chance of success.

3.  Grant Application Development

  •  Kick-off meeting is held to develop the response of the application.
  • Research conducted to develop business case/impacts and market responses.
  • Regular reviews and re-drafts to develop responses.

4.  Submission of Applications

  •  ABGI will upload the application to respective grants portal.
  • This includes any partners/consortium involved where possible.
  • Resubmission of applications covered in the event of unsuccessful bid.

5.  Post-Award Compliance and Grant Management 

  •  Support through the project setup stage and of progress and technical reports during project.

Please get in touch with ABGI to see if your business could benefit from looking further into offshore wind grant funding.

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