Home office tech

Lockdowns are already continuing late into 2020 and with national leaders now targeting spring 2021 for a more permanent easing of restrictions, working from home (WFH) could last for the best part of a year.

19 November 2020

home office tech

Many organisations have realised considerable cost savings and operational efficiencies from having their staff work from home. Some have even reported gains owning to the lack of rental outlay and see more potential for enhanced efficiencies.

This will drive investment into smart home office tech and it’s expected that WiFi extenders, noise-cancelling headsets, smart speakers and smart displays will become ubiquitous in the WFH space.

There’s also room for inventive privacy and security tech, especially for couples or housemates sharing a WFH space who have to juggle a company’s proprietary or sensitive information in an unsecured environment.