HMRC delay payment of some R&D tax credits

Expect delays beyond the usual 6-8 week overall processing time, as HMRC are investigating some irregular R&D tax claims.

24 May 2022

Closeup of HMRC Document

HMRC recently announced that they have stopped the payment of some R&D tax credits while they investigate some irregular claims.

They have however provided reassurance that the majority of R&D relief claims are genuine and will be unaffected, but are advising claimants to expect delays to the normal processing times as their resource will be more stretched than usual.

This is to ensure they prevent abuse of the relief.

They’ve also asked agents and companies to be patient and not to chase up on claims, but instead to rely on the company’s online account for updates on the status of their claim.

ABGI will keep you updated as and when more information becomes available.