Healthcare tech

Not surprisingly, health and healthcare are already an all-consuming topic.

19 November 2020

health tech

Tech will continue to play a vital role by introducing products and services that help with monitoring, alerting and generally improving standards of personal and public health.

Wearable tech is one to watch out for in the personal health space. Some are quite bold, including wearable computer-brain interfaces like NeoRhythm, which uses electromagnetic waves to stimulate the required state of mind. Others are more discreet, like fitbits and battery-operated heated jackets.

Public health tech will feature temperature and body scanners, dynamic heart rate sensors and more.

With the current focus on health necessitating rolling lockdowns, 2021 will yield multi-pronged approaches to improving healthcare through tech.

We could see the involvement of AR in enabling accurate remote diagnosis, for example, local pharmacies dropping off medication to the doorsteps of quarantined customers by drone or perhaps the use of AI to develop new drug candidates and novel therapeutic treatments.