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GERMANY – Amount of eligible expenses for R&D tax credits doubles.

In the current difficult economic climate created by the global pandemic, many countries are looking for ways to support struggling businesses and kick start their economy.

Cardiff Companies Lead the Way in Welsh R&D Tax Relief Claims

Cardiff leads the way as the county with the highest percentage of innovative businesses across the 22 unitary authority areas in Wales.

Mid Ulster tops north’s innovation table

Figures just released by HMRC, show 240 successful claims (3.8 per cent of all businesses) were made by companies in the local authority for R&D tax relief in the 2017-18 financial year.

Nottingham tops innovation league table based on successful R&D tax relief claims

Nottingham has the highest percentage of innovative businesses in the East Midlands, according to a new league table.

Oxfordshire: County comes top in regional innovation league

Oxfordshire leads the way as the county with the highest percentage of innovative businesses across the South East of England’s 19 unitary authority areas.

London dominates in R&D tax credits claim value

Newly released HMRC figures show Inner London companies once again securing a major share of R&D tax relief with over £1bn paid out in 2017-18.

ABGI UK: Edinburgh tops innovation league table for Scottish R&D tax relief claim

Edinburgh has come out top amongst Scotland’s 32 local authorities in securing R&D tax relief claims, according to a new table released today by ABGI UK.

Free R&D tax relief claims for Sussex companies currently developing innovation to combat COVID-19

At a time when businesses across Sussex, and the whole of the UK are bracing themselves for the challenges to come, completing an R&D tax relief claim could be an easy way for you to increase cashflow, and help mitigate the disruption.
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Q&A: will Covid19 affect my R&D tax relief claim?

With many companies currently turning to R&D tax relief as a way to inject crucial cash back into their business, we've received many questions from clients on how Covid-19 might affect their R&D claims in the short and long term.

Budget 2020

The 2020 Budget focuses on on the subject of innovation. The Chancellor has made it clear that the UK’s success in the global economy will be rooted in innovation and cutting-edge technology.


Remember WALL-E? The friendly and compassionate ‘Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-class’ robot on a mission to tidy up our desolate planet?

Ocean Frontiers of Energy Making

Island nations, such as the United Kingdom, are literally surrounded by renewable energy sources.