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R&D tax relief figures show decline in value of North East SME claims

The value of R&D (research and development) tax credit claims made by North East SMEs has fallen according to new statistics released by HMRC.

Rise In North West Businesses Claiming For R&D Tax Relief

The North West of England has seen another rise in R&D (research and development) tax credit claims, according to new statistics released by HMRC.

London R&D tax relief claims rise as capital’s startups thrive

London has once again seen a significant rise in R&D (research and development) tax credit claims, according to statistics released by HMRC.

Scottish business claims for R&D tax relief increase

Statistics released yesterday by HMRC have revealed that Scotland has seen another rise in Research and Development (R&D) tax credit claims.

R&D tax credit specialist Jumpstart rebrands in line with French parent company

R&D tax credits specialist Jumpstart is rebranding as ABGI UK after it was taken over by a French firm this year.

HMRC recovery plans for processing R&D claims

A previous press release provided a response from HMRC on the steps it is taking to deal with delays to processing of Research and Development (R&D) claims that are affecting both SME R&D relief and R&D expenditure credit (RDEC) claims.
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U.K. Taxman’s Delays Put Pressure on Brexit-Hit Companies

U.K. companies are facing delays of six months and more in getting credits from the country’s tax authority, putting additional pressure on them amid the uncertainty of Brexit.

HMRC Issues Apology for Tax Relief Claims Delay

HMRC has apologised for taking up to seven months to process R&D tax relief claims which was alleged to be preventing some UK companies from progressing.

R&D tax rebate delays preventing innovation among UK firms

Delays in processing research and development (R&D) tax claims are hampering innovation and expansion among UK businesses, according to R&D tax relief specialist ABGI UK.

ABGi UK is CPD certified!

We're delighted to announce that our partner training course “R&D tax relief explained” has been CPD (Continuing Professional Development) approved.

Is the UK’s tech sector missing out on R&D tax relief?

The UK’s technology sector is widely acknowledged as one of the fastest growing areas of the economy, with Prime Minister Theresa May describing it earlier this year as a "great British success story".