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HMRC delay payment of some R&D tax credits

Expect delays beyond the usual 6-8 week overall processing time, as HMRC are investigating some irregular R&D tax claims.
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Outsource your R&D tax relief services and “offload the risk”

ABGI UK conducted a survey of the accountancy market in 2022 in association with Accountancy Age, with a view to assessing firms’ attitudes towards outsourcing their R&D Tax Relief services.
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Soft, fin-flapping robot explores the ocean’s greatest depths

As Elon Musk and other billionaires attempt at reaching out ever further into space, we still haven’t properly explored what’s under the surface of our Blue Planet.
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Tech For Social Good – A Success Story

Page heading As part of our role judging the Scotland and Wales regional applications for this year’s “Super Connect for Good” competition, we were lucky to be introduced to businesses that are using technology to create positive social impact and enhance people’s lives. In our previous article “Harnessing The Power of Technology to Enhance People’s...
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Non-Fungible Tokens – new online craze or the future of art?

NFTs are another example of blockchain’s potential to revolutionise the world as we know it. But as with digital currencies, digital art comes at a real-world price.
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5 Technology and Engineering Trends for 2022

January is the time for new beginnings, New Year’s resolutions and… predicting what’s going to happen in the coming 12 months! Here are the 5 tech and engineering trends, which we predict are set to take off and make an impact in 2022.

Could AI-Generated Inventions Soon be Patented in the UK

Innovation funding and Patent Box experts ABGI UK look into where inventions created by AI systems currently stand in regards to intellectual property, and how potential changes will affect UK businesses.

5 facts about antibiotic resistance

While the advances of modern medicine can be truly impressive – for example we are able to develop an effective Covid-19 vaccine in a matter of months – antibiotic resistance is increasingly becoming a cause for concern.

R&D Tax Credits within the Construction Industry

Thanks to being homebound during multiple lockdowns, DIY fever has gripped many people throughout the UK and Ireland. This has resulted in increased opportunities for many companies in the construction industry, both in rectifying DIY disasters and building new dream dwellings.

Flexible computer chips

While everyone is talking about bendable phone screens, scientists have been working on designing a new type of flexible computer microchip with applications way beyond your smartphone or laptop.

Extended reality extends beyond the gaming industry.

Extended reality (XR) is an umbrella term for technologies that combine reality with virtual environments. It is generated with the use of varied computer technologies and wearable devices.

Sowing the seeds of innovation – with tax relief

Following the widespread rejection of the idea of a new statutory, industry wide, levy scheme for farmers and agri-companies – one option for progressing research and development projects is for businesses to fund their own – and benefit from generous tax relief.