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There’s never been a better time to innovate.

In this challenging and uncertain economic climate, investing in innovation is an invaluable way for businesses to build resilience.

Next level wearables

Wearable tech has already had a couple of mentions in these predictions and is going to be a feature of 2021.

Social media TV

Combining two of the most engaging features of modern life – TV and social media – this tech trend is sure to appeal to TV makers who recognise its potential to facilitate huge social media interactions, especially for users of TikTok and Instagram.

Healthcare tech

Not surprisingly, health and healthcare are already an all-consuming topic.

Home office tech

Lockdowns are already continuing late into 2020 and with national leaders now targeting spring 2021 for a more permanent easing of restrictions, working from home (WFH) could last for the best part of a year.

Fintech boom

Fintech companies have made a big impact on the financial scene since the open banking revolution began in the last decade, enabling customers to become the owners of their own financial data, something that historically has belonged to banking institutions.

5G roll-out

The fastest and best experience of the internet was meant to come to full realisation in 2020, but like many other predictions has had to be deferred until 2021.


With licensed drone operators commanding day rates comparable to well-paid IT business analysts and project managers, drone operations are set to reach dizzying new heights.

Vehicle automation

While there is evidence to suggest that progress towards driverless vehicles should be incremental, automated driving features in vehicles are coming along in leaps and bounds.

Robotics & robotic process automation (RPA)

The global pandemic has caused many organisations to take another aspect of AI-linked technology seriously – autonomous robotics.

AI → natural language processing (NLP)

It’s safe to say AI has come into its own, with natural language processing (NLP) now able to generate content that isn’t readily distinguishable from human-generated content.

What will happen to Grant Funding after Brexit?

As uncertainty over ‘Brexit: Deal or No Deal’ continues amid the stop and start negotiations between the UK Government and the EU, many innovation-focused businesses here will be feeling a growing sense of anxiety about the future of grant funding programmes.