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Industry 4.0 for Dummies: Case studies of successful projects

There is increasing clamour around “Industry 4.0” with the main protagonists telling whoever will listen that UK companies must either adopt the principles or get left behind.

The myths around accessing R&D tax relief

Research and development (R&D) tax relief was introduced by the UK Government to encourage UK companies to invest in more innovation-focused projects and maintain the country’s position as a global leader in science and technology.

R&D tax credit scheme offers relief to UK fintechs

The British fintech sector is booming with record amounts of investment being pumped into an ever-increasing number of businesses.

Sandy Findlay: R&D focus can enhance investment potential

A commitment to research and development (R&D) is an important but sometimes overlooked factor for high growth businesses keen on attracting external investment.

IP expert hails further growth in Scottish patent applications

A recent article shared by Scottish Legal News discusses the the Patent applications originating from Scotland continue to grow, according to the latest data released by the European Patent Office (EPO).

Raconteur – Future of Manufacturing 2019

That the future of manufacturing is digital is undeniable, but there remain questions around how best to digitise, and what is at stake if companies do not.

Can you claim R&D tax relief if you have received other funding?

R&D tax relief exists to support companies attempting to move their industry forward, achieving an advance in a field of science or technology through the resolution of scientific or technological uncertainties.
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Innovation in funding

HERE’S A QUESTION FOR YOU. What is it that all UK businesses, regardless of sector and location have in common? The answer – a need for funding.

R&D tax relief can fuel growth in renewables

The UK’s renewable energy sector continues to adjust to the post-subsidy environment.
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The science behind R&D tax relief

Claiming R&D tax relief isn’t exactly rocket science is it? Sorry to disappoint you, but yes it is actually.
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Ten top tips to choose the right R&D tax relief advisor

Make sure you choose the right R&D tax relief advisory firm, for a robust, maximised claim with none of the hassle.

R&D Tax Relief Fake News

When it comes to R&D tax relief, at ABGI UK we hear a lot of fake news, and we don’t like it. R&D tax fake news can misinform eligible businesses, leading them to wrongly believe that R&D tax credits aren’t for them.