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Spring Budget R&D tax announcements – a partial reversal…

ABGI has summarised the key points on R&D tax credits from the Spring 2023 budget.

Concrete alternatives to… concrete

There are various contemporary, and long-lasting alternatives to concrete are available, including Rammed Earth, Geopolymer, Ferrock, and Hempcrete.

What are the Unified Patent Court (UPC) and Unitary Patent (UP)?

Details of the biggest change to European Patent Law since its inception in the 1970s (Unified Patent Court).

Qualifying projects for R&D Tax Credits and Patentable Inventions

How HMRC assesses Scientific Advancement for R&D tax relief versus how the UK Intellectual Property Office examines the patentability of an invention.

Scientific Advancement for R&D Tax Credits and Patentable Inventions: Do my projects have patentable subject matter?

Leading adviser urges HMRC to fully adopt R&D tax relief reforms proposed by House of Lords

ABGI’s response to House of Lords review

Leading adviser urges HMRC to fully adopt R&D tax relief reforms proposed by House of Lords

Changes to the R&D tax relief scheme – a hydraulic hammer to crack a nut?

ABGI have evaluated the potential adverse effects of recently announced changes to the R&D tax scheme on UK businesses and the economy. 

Science and technology trends in 2023

What’s in store for research and development around the world? From super-apps, through psychedelic medicines, to metaverse and sustainable technology, 2023 has something for everyone!

Another proposed change to the R&D regime – confusion rises amongst claimants!

The UK government has opened a consultation on whether to replace the current two-tier R&D tax claim regime with a new, single system applicable to all companies irrespective of size, proposed to commence from April 2024.

The value of R&D tax credits for UK SMEs – what would you do with the money?

Discover what ABGI's clients did with the R&D tax relief benefit they received from the government and how they were able to invest back into their business.

Becoming a dad can shrink a man’s brain

A new study suggests that becoming a parent changes the structure of a person’s brain. But don’t panic – it’s not necessarily a bad thing!

Accelerating Innovation at COP27

Innovation in the field of climate action is crucial to support both behavioural and system changes necessary.