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Not all masks are created equal.

Wearing a face mask can help reduce the spread of viruses, but a lot depends on the material it is made from.

Government update on Furlough payments and the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS)

HMRC has now confirmed how it expects companies to deal with staffing costs when calculating their R&D tax relief for claim periods in which they had furloughed staff.

Innovation driving forward UK smart car industry

In June the UK Government announced £12 million worth of funding for ‘ground-breaking’ research into zero emissions transport, including electric vehicle charging.

Nature Based Solutions in modern urbanism

Is it time to turn to nature for solutions to the climate emergency?

R&D tax rebates could offer relief for commercial property sector

InnovateUK has a wide range of grants available encouraging innovation across UK industry including building design and construction such as the Sustainable Innovation Fund, aimed at helping all sectors of the UK recover, grow, and create new opportunities.

Innovation Funding for Manufacturers

Make UK’ s innovation funding partner ABGI UK, has provided us with a summary of available tax incentives, grants and subsidies, to help you find the right innovation funding solution for your business.

Emerging Technologies Continue to Drive Electronic Revolution

The application of Artificial Intelligence to Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are improving our quality of life in leaps and bounds.

Towards universal donor blood

For many years scientists around the world have been trying to find a way to convert the second most common blood type A into type O, by removing its antigens.

Drive for Competitiveness Will Be Crucial to Economic Recovery

As we emerge from the coronavirus lockdown, UK manufacturing will play a leading role in helping the nation’s economy recovery from the impact of the past four months.

Government tools required for manufacturing-led recovery

The introduction of innovative policy measures, modelled on the R&D tax relief scheme, with enhanced deductions for capital spend offers one effective way forward.

UK Government R&D Roadmap – What? When? How?

At the 2020 Budget, back in March, Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced plans for a record increase in public investment towards Research and Development in the UK.

AI, AR, and VR Grant Funding Now Available for Application in the Aerospace Sector

As well as providing grant funding, the programme offers high calibre technical and management resources to help companies bring their technology to market.