AI → natural language processing (NLP)

It’s safe to say AI has come into its own, with natural language processing (NLP) now able to generate content that isn’t readily distinguishable from human-generated content.

19 November 2020


In September 2020, The Guardian published an article written by a natural language model AI. The model, called GPT-3, produced eight different outputs in response to the instructions given.

When AI can produce eight textual options from a three-sentence instruction, the game is certainly on for organisations and their content marketing. And though The Guardian didn’t say how long it took GPT-3 to produce all eight articles, it clearly didn’t have any problems meeting the deadline.

GPT-3 simply read everything there was on the subject on the internet and based a newspaper column on that. Impressive though this is, NLP is only one aspect of AI that will make the headlines in 2021.