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Becoming a dad can shrink a man’s brain

A new study suggests that becoming a parent changes the structure of a person’s brain. But don’t panic – it’s not necessarily a bad thing!

Chancellor punishes all innovative SMEs because of the actions of a few

Chancellor responds to reports of abuse & fraud in R&D tax relief by cutting the SME scheme deduction rate to 86% and the credit rate to 10% but increases the rate of the RDEC credit from 13% to 20%. All innovative SMEs suffer because of the actions of a few...

Accelerating Innovation at COP27

Innovation in the field of climate action is crucial to support both behavioural and system changes necessary.

Electric taste-altering chopsticks

Japanese researchers develop a way of seasoning our food by tricking our senses.

Wooden, sustainable, and increasingly tall!

Constructions relying on Cross-Laminated Timber technology rival concrete and steel architectural solutions.

NEWSFLASH: Are You Prepared For Pre-Notification?

HMRC recently confirmed that, from April 23rd, 2022 companies considering applying for R&D tax relief will need to give advanced notification of their intention to claim within six months of the period-end for which they are planning to submit a claim.

R&D tax relief payment delays set to continue

HMRC have said there will be further delays with R&D claims due to fraudulent activity.

Are you in control of your tax refund?

HMRC received over 350 formal complaints, between April 2021 and March 2022, which explicitly referred to assignments, a figure which has been increasing annually.
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Capitalisation of R&D – Can I receive tax relief on capitalised R&D expenditure? And is it in my interest to do so?

Capitalised costs and how they related to R&D tax relief can be confusing to both companies and their accountants. As a business owner, you may be wondering if you can receive tax relief on capitalised R&D expenditure.

The technology behind the James Webb Space Telescope

We are all amazed by the recent images produced by the largest space telescope in history. But how does the Webb actually work?