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Nearly 6,000 Yorkshire businesses received tax credits last year

Companies in Yorkshire and the Humber have seen another rise in R&D tax credits according to tax incentive specialists AGBI.

London sees another rise in R&D tax relief claims

The latest 2019-20 figures show London companies made a total of 17,210 claims, up from 14,685 made that this time last year.

Flexible computer chips

While everyone is talking about bendable phone screens, scientists have been working on designing a new type of flexible computer microchip with applications way beyond your smartphone or laptop.

Extended reality extends beyond the gaming industry.

Extended reality (XR) is an umbrella term for technologies that combine reality with virtual environments. It is generated with the use of varied computer technologies and wearable devices.

Sowing the seeds of innovation – with tax relief

Following the widespread rejection of the idea of a new statutory, industry wide, levy scheme for farmers and agri-companies – one option for progressing research and development projects is for businesses to fund their own – and benefit from generous tax relief.

Bladeless wind turbines

Are they powerful enough to shake up the renewable energy industry?

Patent Box – Time for a rethink?

The number of companies claiming Patent Box has only risen slightly in the past 3 years with the R&D tax credit scheme seeing massive expansion. Why is there such a disparity in the uptake of the two schemes?

Digital Solutions for volatile markets

While British companies are powerless to change the market conditions causing the volatility, they can develop strategies to allow them to successfully manage their exposure to the conditions and allow them to take full advantage of the growing confidence we are currently experiencing.

Recharging the battery industry

Advances in battery design over the past few decades have made modern technology possible. Yet, to continue this progress we need cheaper, more efficient, and greener batteries.

Unlocking hidden cash in wind energy projects

Even though renewable energy businesses are spending staggering amounts on developing new technologies, very few are actually claiming the hundreds of thousands of pounds they are entitled to through R&D tax relief.