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Was it all a dream?

Dream studies have been impeded by the reliance on brain scans and people’s interpretation of dreams. However, four recent experiments have found a way of ‘communicating’ with people experiencing lucid dreaming.

A grounding in grant funding

Joe Matusiak, grants manager at innovation funding specialists, ABGI UK discusses the changes to UK aerospace sector grant funding environment.

Expert Eye

Innovation is critical to addressing the UK’s productivity gap and the Government supports research and development (R&D) to the tune of around £5bn a year via tax credits.

Covid 19 Recovery Loan Scheme – Impact for Northern Irish Companies

If you are unsure on what the potential impact of obtaining these loans could have on your R&D Tax Relief Claims, particularly if your company is subject to the Northern Ireland Protocol, please contact us.

New grant funding opportunity for the automotive sector

If you are an organisation within the automotive sector looking to regenerate your innovation plans for funding, then grants could be the answer for your business.

Unhackable internet

As the internet continues to penetrate all aspects of our modern lives, issues related to data protection, privacy and cyber security are becoming ever more pertinent. But what if we could design the web to be inherently secure?

An update on the impact of COVID-19 on R&D tax claims

The government introduced a wide range of funding support in 2021 to help businesses respond to the impact of Covid19. Some of these might affect your R&D tax claim.

Capital Allowances – Every Little Helps!

At a time when we could all do with a few more pounds in our bank accounts, there is one area where we may be missing an opportunity to increase cashflow, through the correct and accurate claiming of capital allowances.

New grant funding for offshore wind components manufacturing

The race to kickstart innovation and R&D plans in a post-Brexit and COVID Britain has already begun with the introduction of new initiatives for priority sectors such as the Offshore Wind Investment Programme, which aims to support the delivery of manufacturing investment in the offshore wind supply chain.

Budget 2021

In his Budget speech, Rishi Sunak highlighted the dramatic effect of the pandemic on the UK economy, as well as reminding us of the breadth of support measures the government has put in place (and the associated costs).