Our People

At the core of ABGI is a large team of highly professional post-graduate qualified scientists and engineers across all sectors, who undergo comprehensive and ongoing training on relevant legislation, regulation and tax guidance.

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All ABGI colleagues are focussed on delivering great outcomes for our clients.

The expertise and experience our team have is second to none, making us best equipped to find the right innovation funding and incentive solutions for your business.

You’ll find just a few members of that team below:

About Gemma

Gemma investigated nanotechnology and DNA based anti-cancer treatments during her PhD research. She has worked with chemical manufacturers and CROs, and gained industrial experience with Procter and Gamble.

Gemma has had experience working with manufacturers of food and drink, agricultural machinery and composite panels.


  • BSc (Hons) Chemistry with Forensics

Relevant Specialist Industry Experience

  • Proctor & Gamble Limited

Specialisms & Expertise

  • Forensic Chemistry
  • Environmental Chemistry
  • Formulation Development (drugs and personal care products)
  • Nanotechnology
  • Cancer Treatment
  • Analytical Techniques
  • Spectroscopy
  • Microscopy
  • Chromatography
  • Dynamic Light Scattering/Particle Sizing
  • Rheology
  • Circular Dichroism
  • Cell Testing (for drug development)

About John

John has over 10 year’s experience in the chemical and drug development industries working for a leading CRO and the world’s largest laboratory equipment manufacturer.

He was involved in the development of over 50 analytical methods for the extraction and analysis of new chemical entities in pre-clinical and clinical studies. John works with clients in Oil & Gas, Chemical industries, CRO, manufacturing and engineering.


  • BSC (Hons) Chemistry with Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Relevant Specialist Industry Experience

  • Charles River Laboratories
  • Aptuit
  • Termo Fisher Scientific

Specialisms and Expertise

  • Liquid Chromatography
  • Gas Chromatography
  • Tandem Mass Spectrometry
  • Time Of Flight Mass Spectrometry
  • Analytical Method Development
  • Solid Phase Extraction
  • Toxicology
  • Drug Development
  • Formulation Development
  • Chemical Pharmacology
  • Synthetic Organic Chemistry
  • Bioanalysis
  • GLP
  • GCP
  • GMP

About Karen

Karen has industry experience working in the analytical sciences division of a multinational pharmaceutical company.

She has authored six scientific papers in various journals. She works with clients in Oil & Gas, chemical industries, including food chemistry and pharmaceuticals, manufacturing and engineering.


  • Mchem (Hons, First Class) Chemistry with Industrial Experience
  • PhD Chemistry (Investigations into the role of A-amino acids as chiral modifiers for NI-based enantioselective heterogeneous hydrogenation catalysts)
  • PGCert Science Communication & Public Engagement

Relevant Specialist Industry Experience

  • Glaxo Smith Kline Ltd
  • Member of Royal Society of Chemistry (MRSC)

Specialisms and Expertise

  • Environmental Chemistry
  • Chemical Pharmacology
  • Analytical Chemistry
  • Properties and Reactions of Matter
  • Synthetic Organic Chemistry
  • Inorganic Chemistry
  • Physical Chemistry
  • High Performance Liquid
  • Chromatography
  • Gas Chromatography
  • Molecular Spectroscopy
  • Computational Chemistry
  • Enantioselective Catalysis
  • Heterogeneous Hydrogenation
  • Catalysis
  • Surface Analysis
  • Scanning Tunnelling Microscopy
  • Reflection Absorption Infrared
  • Spectroscopy
  • X-ray Photoelectron
  • Spectroscopy
  • Low Energy Electron Diffraction
  • Temperature Programmed Desorption
  • Atomic Force Microscopy
  • Ultra-high Vacuum Science

About Graham

To add to his BEng, Graham has over 17 years industry experience, primarily focused on mechanical engineering relating to water and wastewater treatment plant design and installation, rotational equipment maintenance and repair, as well as project engineering within manufacturing companies and design consultancies.

Graham works with clients in general engineering, materials science, precision engineering and water and wastewater engineering.


  • Postgraduate Diploma Engineering Design
  • BEng (Hons) Energy Engineering

Relevant Specialist Industry Experience

  • Ross-shire Engineering Ltd
  • Clyde Union Pumps Ltd
  • Advanced Technical Solutions Ltd
  • Grontmij Ltd
  • Black and Veatch Water (Europe) Ltd
  • Gleeson Ltd
  • Weir (Liquid Gas Equipment) Ltd
  • VA Tech Wabag (UK) Ltd
  • Bechtel Water Technology

Specialisms and Expertise

  • Design Methods
  • Design Tools
  • Design Analysis
  • Applied Design
  • Product Design
  • CAE Technology
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Control Engineering
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • Process and Environmental Engineering
  • Heat and Mass Transfer Energy Strategy

About Kevin

Kevin investigated the synthesis and development of novel compounds to treat cancer. He was a postdoctoral researcher before moving to an international Contract Research Organisation.

Kevin works with clients in food manufacturing, manufacture of machinery and precision engineering.


  • MChem (HON) with Industrial Experience
  • PhD, Organic Chemistry

Relevant Specialist Industry Experience

  • Glaxosmithkline
  • Cyclace (PhD Collaboration)
  • Charle River Laboratories

Specialisms and Expertise

  • Microwave Assisted Synthesis
  • Combinational Chemistry
  • Laboratory Robotics
  • Microwave Solid Assisted Peptide Synthesis
  • Cascade Reactions
  • Molecular Modelling
  • Directed Evolution
  • Drug Discovery
  • Development of Elastase Inhibitors
  • Chromatography Method Development
  • Radiolabelled Metabolite Profiling and Identification

About Mark

Mark has 30 years’ experience in software development in banking and insurance, oil and gas, and the public sector.

He has spent a decade working on high-performance scientific programs running on supercomputers for the oil industry. Mark works with clients in scientific and engineering software, mobile application development and big data.


  • BSc Computing and Mathematical Sciences
  • MSc High Performance Computing
  • BA (Hons) Economics

Relevant Specialist Industry Experience

  • Petroleum Geo-services Ltd
  • Office of The PM, Malta
  • OHM Surveys Ltd
  • JP Morgan
  • Lloyd’s Of London

Specialisms and Expertise

  • Performance Optimisation for Speed and Memory Efficiency
  • Serial and Parallel Computation On Shared and Distributed Memory Systems
  • Cluster Computing
  • Supercomputing
  • Software and Hardware Co-design
  • Computational Electromagnetics for Geophysics
  • Software Architecture and Design
  • System Validation and Verification
  • Database Analysis, Design And Development
  • Data Modelling
  • Geographic Information Systems
  • Software Engineering
  • High Performance Computing
  • Imperative Programming
  • Functional Programming
  • Software Optimisation
  • Scientific Simulation
  • Inverse Problems
  • Visualisation
  • Big Data

About Adrian

As a software engineer with a background in electronic, electrical engineering and controls, Adrian brings over 30 years’ experience of working in manufacturing, academia and global IT industries to the ABGI team.

Adrian works with clients in software and app development, 3rd party integration, IT infrastructure, SEO and cloud technology.


  • BSc (Hons) Electronic And Electrical Engineering
  • DIS Diploma In Industrial Studies
  • CEng Chartered Engineer
  • CITP Chartered Information Technology Professional
  • PRINCE2 Project Management
  • AMCMI Cmi Management Certificate

Academic Positions Held

  • RA Loughborough University Of Technology
  • Senior Lecturer In Computing Coventry University
  • Senior Lecturer In Computing University Of Paisley
  • Leader Human Centred Computing Group
  • Leader Information Systems Research Group

Specialisms and Expertise

  • Computer modelling
  • Analogue electronic design
  • Microprocessor programming
  • Electrical control wiring design and installation
  • Industrial control systems and algorithms
  • Robot control, programming and production integration
  • Genetic algorithms research
  • Neural networks, AI research
  • Human computer interaction research
  • Information systems research
  • Organisation research
  • Software engineering
  • Operating systems
  • Real time systems
  • Computer graphics (ray tracing)
  • Human computer interaction
  • Enterprise c++ development and technology stack
  • Enterprise java® technology stack
  • Enterprise microsoft®. Net stack
  • Technology development integration and positioning
  • IT and Network infrastructure and hosting
  • Document management systems
  • Mobile device and applications
  • Interactive voice recognition and speech technology
  • Service oriented architectures, design, specification, development, IBM, Oracle enterprise systems, TIBECO enterprise product set

About Paul

Paul has undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in Physics, a PGCert Social Science Research Methods and a Diploma in Economics.

He works with clients in manufacturing of electronic devices and equipment, mechanical engineering, applied physics, and software development, including mobile devices, games, apps, platforms and data.


  • BA Physics
  • D.Phil. Physics
  • Diploma Economics
  • PGCert Social Science Research Methods

Academic Positions Held

  • Postdoctoral Researcher Oxford, Innsbruck (Austria) and Strathclyde

Relevant Specialist Industry Experience

  • NHS Scotland

Specialisms and Expertise

  • Cryptocurrency exchange
  • Supplier payment platform (immediate payment, i.e loan in advance of 30 day terms) on behalf of multiple public and private sector organisations
  • Credits platform for retail banking clients
  • Mortgage and loan broker services
  • Corporate loan broking, institutional lenders
  • Corporate loan broking, private investors
  • Manufacturing
  • Electronic device and equipment
  • Mechanical device and equipment instruments
  • Optics and laser based devices
  • Applied Physics
  • Numerical modelling and simulation
  • Quantum mechanics and applications
  • Fluid dynamics
  • Stress and material fatigue
  • Software Development
  • Compute control of devices and instruments
  • Mobile devices networking
  • Proprietary commercial platforms
  • Games and apps
  • Digital marketing and SEO

About Alistair

Alistair completed his PhD at the University of St Andrews and spent a further two years working as a Postdoctoral researcher within the University’s chemistry department.

He works with clients in engineering, manufacturing, chemical industries and medical technologies, renewables and recyclables.


  • BSc (Hons)  Mathematics and Chemistry
  • PhD Chemistry

Academic Positions Held

  • Postdoctoral Researcher University of St.Andrews (2 Years)

Specialisms and Expertise

  • Chemistry
  • Life Sciences
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Powder X-Ray Diffraction
  • Scanning Electron Microscopy
  • Tunneling Electron Microscopy
  • Atomic Adsorption
  • IR Spectroscopy
  • Gas
  • Adsorption
  • Microwave Synthesis
  • UV SpectroscopyAutoclave (Hydrothermal) Synthesis
  • Other Material Characterisation Methods
  • Surface Area and Porosity Measurements
  • Thermogravimetric Analysis (TGA)
  • Elemental Analysis
  • Oil Exploration and Identification
  • NMR Spectroscopy
  • Oil and Gas Terminology and Related Applications
  • DMV
  • ATEX Guidelines
  • CNC Machining Teminology
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Engineering Technology and Related Procedures CAD, FEA Plastic Injection
  • Molding and Associated Industry
  • 3D Printing
  • Updated Methodologies for Manufacturing Routes (Breweries, Plastics, Engineering) Electronics Integration

About Jonathan

Jonathan has an MEng in chemical engineering at Newcastle University and has experience working at a leading clinical diagnostics company.

Following completion of his degree, Jonathan leveraged his experience to help company’s across a wide range of sectors optimise their R&D tax claims at Moore Stephens LLP and BDO LLP. As an experienced innovation funding consultant, he specialises in the manufacturing, life sciences and energy industries.


  • MEng (Hons, 1st class) Chemical Engineering.

Relevant specialist industry experience:

  • Randox Laboratories Limited.

Specialisms and Expertise:

  • Reactor Engineering
  • Process Design and Modelling
  • Control Engineering
  • Process Intensification
  • Unit Operations
  • Downstream Processing
  • In Vitro Diagnostics
  • Food Technology
  • Sustainable Engineering

About Stephen

Stephen has a BSc in computer science from Technological University of Dublin. Following the completion of his degree, Stephen decided to leverage his knowledge gained at university to assist companies in optimising their R&D tax credit claims at EY. Stephen has worked with a vast array of large high profile companies and SMEs in the IT sector.


  • BSc Computer Science

Specialisms and Expertise:

  • Machine Learning
  • Cloud Computing
  • Systems Infrastructure and Architecture
  • Databases
  • Data Analytics
  • Python programming language

About Glenn

After completing first, a degree in Applied Physics, and then a PhD in Engineering Physics, Glenn spent most of the last 20+ years working for high-tech companies, gaining experience over the complete product life cycle of an eclectic mix of technologies such as software development (both embedded software and app development) electronic design, mechanical design, or even building and managing an EMC test laboratory.

Glenn also has experience in the generation and management of IP in various forms and has supported a number of wealth generation activities such as VC funding and grants.


  • Bsc (Hons, first class) Applied Physics
  • PhD Engineering Physics

Relevant Specialist Industry Experience

  • Myrica (UK) Ltd
  • Infinite Data Storage Ltd
  • NXvision Ltd
  • Motive Television plc
  • Forth EMC Services Ltd

Specialisms and Expertise

  • Product Design
  • Process Design
  • Electronic and electrical engineering
  • Software Architecture and Design
  • Embedded software design
  • App design
  • EMC
  • Video compression technologies
  • Video streaming technologies

About Tony

35 years experience in electronic and software product and service design, covering military and aerospace weapon system design, including data storage designs including hard-disk and optical drives.

Tony also worked on consumer electronic product design including multi-media products audio and video, Television Broadcast software video on demand, Mobile application design including video on demand, live television, augmented reality and social media.


  • Bsc Electronics and Mathematics

Relevant Specialist Industry Experience

  • Mobect Ltd
  • Eyetime Systems Ltd
  • Liquid Inc
  • TU LLP
  • Crossroads (Dunfermline)
  • NXVisions Ltd
  • IDS Ltd
  • Infinite Data Storage Ltd
  • Myrica (UK) Ltd

Specialisms and Expertise

  • Precision Mechanism Design
  • Servo Control
  • Electronic Circuit Design
  • Television Broadcast System
  • Video Compression and Streaming
  • Software Platform Design
  • Cloud Software
  • Mobile App Development
  • Agile
  • DevOps

About Elizabeth

Elizabeth has 10 years experience utilising her mathematical ability and excel knowledge.

Supporting the Innovation Funding Consultants, Elizabeth works across all industry sectors to collate the cost capture spreadsheets, interpret data, analyse financial information. and reports on the company statistics. To support with this process she keeps up to date with industry knowledge such as attending conferences like Women in Tech and relevant courses to further her knowledge and education, as well as keeping up to date with HMRC's CIRD manual


  • BSC Mathematics and its applications
  • Business Analytics and Reporting i3BAR
  • Visual Analytics and Dashboard Design i2VSA

Relevant Specialist Industry Experience

  • Administrator at the Institute of Chartered Foresters
  • Administrator at Edinburgh Council
  • Finance Assistant at a Pharmaceutical company
  • Records Manager at a Pharmaceutical company

Specialisms and Expertise

  • Improve efficiency of the process for clients
  • Data Interpretation
  • Advance excel user
  • Business reporting

About Sean


Sean is a French engineer with a master’s degree in Environmental Engineering. He was a project manager in a company specialised in plant-base water treatment.

Sean has been working in R&D Tax Credit consultancy for 3 years and works with clients in many different fields.


  • Master’s degree in Environmental Engineering

Specialisms and Expertise

  • Environmental Engineering
  • Water Treatment
  • Waste Management
  • Renewable Energies
  • Process Modelling
  • Chemistry
  • Microbiology
  • Fluid Mechanics
  • Energy and Environment Process Engineering

About Diarmuid

Diarmuid has a master’s in information systems management from the National University of Ireland Galway. Diarmuid gained industry experience working as a Systems Administrator for a mechanical and electrical engineering firm in Ireland. 

Following this, he worked as a senior R&D tax consultant with EY for several years assisting companies with their R&D tax credit claim. He has worked with an array of clients in a variety of different sectors.


  • MSc Information Systems Management

Relevant Specialist Industry Experience

  • Systems administrator for a mechanical and electrical engineering firm
  • Senior R&D Tax Consultant with Ernst and Young

Specialisms and Expertise

  • System Infrastructure and architecture
  • Network Engineering
  • Data Analytics
  • Cloud Computing
  • AI Technologies
  • Database Technologies

About Christine

Based on The Wirral on Merseyside, Chris has more than 20 years’ experience in medical device sales management, with firms including CR Bard, Maersk Medical and Boston Scientific.

Initially from the Lakes District, where she ran her own business for a number of years before moving to the Wirral.

Chris works with the company’s UK-wide network of Innovation Funding Specialists with the support of ABGI UK’s Sales Director to grow the company’s client base.

About Antony

Since graduating from the University of Surrey, Antony has spent the last 20+ years co-working in an advisory and account management capacity with over 1,000 entrepreneurs and business owners to start-up and grow established businesses in the Thames Valley, Midlands and London.

Having developed a career delivering business advice from 2000-2010, Antony subsequently developed a specialism within R&D and Innovation with the Physics and Engineering Research Association (Pera Consulting UK Ltd) and Grant Thornton. Antony also has experience of banking with Barclays Corporate.

Antony has significant experience of working with leading UK Entrepreneurs across a broad mix of industries and business models via coaching, consulting and training interventions in strategic business growth and finance raising interventions.

About Russell

Building on his BSc Banking and Finance and MBA Business Administration, Russell brings 25 years’ experience of advising high growth businesses how to stay that way. During that time, he’s developed relationships with a network of professional service providers, as well as businesses and business owners themselves.

Russell’s career has included time spent as a professional adviser to UK businesses across all sectors and of an array of sizes. He has assisted businesses whilst being employed by some of the UK’s most highly respected advisory firms in both the private and public sector including the Manchester Growth Company and Grant Thornton UK Ltd.

About Garry

Garry has worked in the commercial world for over 25 years, mostly in the consumer finance sector where he’s held several senior positions. For the last nine years, he’s been working with accountants and their clients to claim innovation funding.

Think you recognise him? Garry has appeared as an extra in the likes of Eastenders, Holby City and Lewis.

About Jennifer

Jennifer joined ABGI a few years after graduating with a Business Management Honours Degree.

As Client Retention Manager and Innovation Funding Specialist, she works with both clients and accountants partners, helping them identify and secure the right innovation funding solution for their business.

About Chris

Innovation has always been at the heart of Chris’s career. His experience includes business development, operations, education and training. He has worked in financial services in the South East, specialising in renewable energy funding when the sector was still in its early days. Previous to that he served as Senior Operational Manager at Open Interactive, a technology-focused joint venture set up by Sky and its investors to create the set top box functionality that most of us now use on a daily basis. He has also taught Systems Thinking within the Bachelor of Commerce programme at the Australian RMIT University in Vietnam, and was a researcher to aid the introduction of a new bespoke green building standard, Lotus, into Vietnam.

Chris has worked for both rapidly growing start-ups and large multinationals, and understands the challenges that each can face. He is keen to apply this blend of finance expertise and experience with innovation-focused sectors to help his clients benefit from R&D tax relief and Patent Box.

His interests include trying to learn Japanese (and remembering it the next day!), following Ipswich Town (which can be challenging), and motorcycling (in nice weather only!).

About David


David has been in the Manchester for the last 22 years, moving from sunny Northern Ireland.

He has a vast array of experience in the financial services sector, first starting his career in consumer finance before starting his own small enterprise in financial services recruitment. David knows only too well the pitfalls of running a business in difficult climates.

Over the last 10 years he has specialised in commercial finance and helping business get funds from a number of different sources, including grants, R&D tax credits, patent box and independent investors. David believes innovation is key to the UK’s economic growth and is on hand to help business of all sizes explore how best to access the appropriate funding

To relax David spends his time with his two boys, at the gym keeping fit, coaching his 10year old sons football team and the usual dad taxi duties.

About Scott

Scott began his sales career in the leisure sector after graduating in sports therapy from a technical college.

He went on to work in commercial roles for 17 years, gaining experience in business development and account management within the property and financial sectors.

In the last 5 years, Scott has worked within the grant funding arena, providing advice, and building business relationships with companies of all sizes - from start-ups to multinationals, AIM listed and FTSE 100 clients with project sizes in excess of million pounds upwards - helping them navigate the funding process for their innovation projects, develop a grant strategy, and facilitate a successful grant application.

In his spare time Scott enjoys outdoor pursuits with his family such as camping, kayaking and mountain biking - but being only a stone through away from the river, kayaking is a firm favourite with the children!

About James


A 2010 graduate of Swansea University with a joint degree in Law and Economics, James completed the University of Birmingham's Legal Practice Course, which specialized in insurance law, intellectual property law, and employment law.

James has worked in financial services for nearly a decade, initially helping clients with their insurance requirements. He later specialized in Business Development, providing consumer credit solutions for dentists and their staff, ultimately helping grow the practices.

As Innovation Funding Specialist at ABGI, James helps clients and accounting partners identify eligible R&D to set them on the path to obtaining the most appropriate innovation funding solution for their company.

In his spare time, whenever he is not renovating his house, James can be found fishing on a boat or by the waterside. However, since the arrival of his first-born son in December, his "spare time" has become increasingly limited, and he has been spending most of his time with his family.

About David


A Bids/Proposal & Grants Manager with 25 years’ experience of successfully writing complexed proposals/bids and grants with extensive experience of supplying consultancy services.

Holding a BSc. (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering, experienced in working in highly regulated environments, having a self-invented patent, with significant expertise in bids/proposals and grant writing on an employed and freelance consultancy basis.

This employed / freelance crossover has made David astute in fostering relationships with key players in organisations.

At InnotecUK and TWI won over £8 million in grants (2018-2020) from Innovate UK, EPSRC, BBSRC, Regional grants, Clean Sky, Horizon2020, Elemental, Hanger51 and Lloyds Register Foundation working in advanced aerospace and automotive systems & low carbon manufacturing techniques using Artificial Intelligence (AI), additive manufacturing and immersive technology to reduce air pollution and plastic waste providing robust business cases, to win funding, targeting and working with partners (including universities and industry) to bring new innovative concepts to market, a small set of examples include:

Development of innovative low energy welding systems for structural joints of Thermoplastic matrix based Composites.
Development of a methodology to optimize a wing composite panel with respect to reducing fuel consumption.

Digital Twin EV battery reducing plastic content and reducing weight.

AI for health imaging

Wind Farm Industry:
Autonomous robot for wind turbine blade repair.

Climate & Farming:
Low energy and energy harvesting for electronics, real- time pig farm monitoring and early diagnostic system for African Swine Fever(ASF).

i-BUD AI based learning system minimises horticulture waste by predicting usage fine-tuned/updated in real time to suit customer’s needs/requirements and predict customers future buying trends.